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  1. 1. Shopping on- line 7-8 классыОсипова Н.Е. учитель английского языка, ГОУ школа № 542, г.СПб
  3. 3. Do you like shopping?How often do you go shopping?What are your favourite shops?What do you like to buy when you goshopping?Have you ever bought anything using theInternet?
  4. 4. Make a testFor each of the six questions choose the one correct answer1. After you have paid for something in a shop, you get ________.a. a receipt Checkb. a recipe upc. a billd. an invoice2. What do you say in a shop if you only want to look and not buy?a. Im just browsingb. Im just surfing Checkc. Im just shoplifting upd. Im just viewing3. In a supermarket, where do you pay?a. At the check-inb. At the check-out Checkc. At the check-on up Continued. At the check-off
  5. 5. 4. In a shop what do you call the small room where you can try on new clothes before you buy them?a. guest roomb. wardrobe Checkc. change room upd. fitting room5. Which verb means to negotiate a price, usually in a market?a. to barterb. to dispute Checkc. to haggle upd. to quarrel6. Which of the following would you not say in a clothes shop?a. A sliced loaf pleaseb. Im just looking. Check upc. Can I try it on? Continued. Ill take it thanks.
  6. 6. 1.b. Wrong. A recipe is a list of cooking ingredients.c. Wrong. The word bill has a number ofdifferent meanings. Here are two of them: a bill isa written statement of money that you owe forgoods of services. In American English, a bill isalso a piece of paper money.d. Wrong. An invoice is a document that lists thegoods you have received from a person orcompany and says how much money you owethem.
  7. 7. 2.a. Correct. To browse is a verb - the noun, abrowser is now also used asthe name for the kind of Internet software you areusing to see this page.b. Wrong. Although the verb to surf is used aboutthe Internet, its not usedabout shopping!c. Wrong. To shoplift means to steal from a shop.d. Wrong. However, you could use the phrase ‘I’mjust looking’.
  8. 8. 3.a. Wrong. The check-in is where you have to go inan airport before flying.b. Correct. The check-out is where you pay.c. Wrong.d. Wrong.
  9. 9. 4.a. Wrong. A guest room is a spare bedroom in ahouse.b. Wrong. A wardrobe is a piece of furniture forstoring clothes.c. Wrong. This room CAN also be called a changingroom’ but not a ‘change room’.d. Correct. A fitting room is where you can try onclothes in a shop.
  10. 10. 5.a. Wrong. To barter means to buy something byexchanging what you wantfor something you have that the seller wants.b. Wrong. If you dispute something then youdisagree with it.c. Correct. To haggle means to negotiate a price.d. Wrong. To quarrel is a synonym of to argue.
  11. 11. 6.a. Correct. A sliced loaf please is something youmight say in a bakery, not a clothes shop.b. Wrong.c. Wrong.d. Wrong.
  12. 12. Correct!
  13. 13. Wrong!
  14. 14. Correct!
  15. 15. Wrong!
  16. 16. Read the dialogue:Salesman: Hello! May I help you?Customer: Yes, I’d like something for present.Salesman: I think the best thing for you is a table light.Customer: Can you show me it closer, please?Salesman: Of course, here you are. Tati is an interesting lamp characterised by its extremely clean lines at art Deco tastes.Customer: How much does it cost?Salesman: It’s £315.00Customer: Great, I’ll take it.Write your own dialogue using the Continue
  17. 17. Continue
  18. 18. eat & drink Furniture lighting Gifts Library Back to the Continue dialogue
  19. 19. Thank you for your attention ! Home task: Learn your dialogue by heart.
  20. 20. Информационные ресурсы : Pictures: shop shop2 рак,file=20755,filename=tigger.gif тигр грустный ия мишка сумка lamp armchair light watch ESPRESSOMAKER BOOKCASEТест взят с сайтаПрием «Сорбонка»