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Typical day of 13 year-old pupils


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Published in: Education
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Typical day of 13 year-old pupils

  1. 1. /VY +ypfca day 15¢, 13 years old
  2. 2. I would like +0 s‘l"ar‘l‘ loy saying ‘l"ho: l‘ all my days From / Vlorxday ‘l‘o Friday are very much alilze. Tha‘l"§ whorl‘ we call ‘aaily rou‘l‘{r3 Sui“ I
  3. 3. I usually gel up al’ 7 cilocl: in ‘l’he morning and 1‘ha‘l"s qui'l‘e early For me. Then I make my load, wash my Face, lorush my ‘l‘ee+h, gel‘ dressed. AF+er ‘l"ha‘l‘ I go ‘l"o 'l‘he lzilzhen ‘l‘o have loreal: l°as‘l‘ which is usually prepared lay my mom. She maltes a lo‘l‘ o‘F everylhing bul‘ I prefer some+hing light _)us‘l‘ a cup of" ‘l‘ea and a sandwich. l ail“-3 I
  4. 4. Then I go ‘l‘o school, where I spend half‘ of‘ ‘lhe day. However 1 2 I should no'l‘ice 'l'ha'l‘ I really / enjoy 'l‘his 'l‘ime, ge‘l“l‘ing knowledge and mee‘l‘ing my Friends. I come loacl: home a‘l‘ ‘l‘wo or 'l‘hree oilocl: and always have a $ulo$'l‘an‘l‘ial meal For 5» W . .__ dinner as I? » ex‘l‘remely hungry aF'l‘er school.
  5. 5. AF‘l‘er ea'l‘ing I res‘l‘ For ahoul‘ an hour lis‘l‘ening 'l‘o music, wa‘l‘ching TV or Jus‘l‘ lying on ‘l‘he loed wfl‘h my eyes closed. Then I do my homeworl: For ‘l'he nex‘l‘ school day. n " I have my chores in ‘l‘he house. In 'l‘he evening I usually sweep ‘l‘he Floors, clean ; »l ~—_~. . ‘l'he dus‘l* and some‘l*imes clean 'l‘he carpe‘l‘ wfl‘h ‘l‘he vacuum—cleaner:
  6. 6. In my Free 'l‘ime I go For a walk wi°l‘h my Friends or J'us'l‘ slay a‘l" home and play my Favouri‘l"e compdl‘er game. My day haloil‘ually ends al ‘l‘en or eleven cilock. This is ‘l‘he ‘l‘ime when I go 'l‘o loed in order ‘l‘o gel‘ up and S‘l‘ar‘l‘ every‘l‘hing again ‘l‘he nexl‘ morning. I ail“-9 I
  7. 7. - 1' . - _. , _ , , , . F. ’ " 4 'i " _n 4.. ‘i . .. _s. .. , . I ‘ . ’ a T curl % I '1 . ' -'1 : ;§»5‘f"{€‘| "r‘§_'¢“”‘. "fi ; _;‘f, ;')"l'I"v“f ‘T; rid‘ , i A