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The healing power of Aloe Vera - English


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The healing power of Aloe Vera - English

  1. 1. THE HEALING POWER OF ALOE VERA The capillary theory compendium Michael Peuser
  2. 2. “Kapillaren bestimmen unser Schicksal“ (“Capillaries determine our fate”) was the title of my bestseller about the benefits of Aloe vera. Since that time many have had positive experiences with the Aloe vera ‘vital drink‘ and can confirm the power and efficacy of this unique medicinal plant. Again and again it has been impressively demonstrated just how important healthy capillaries are: only when blood can flow unobstructed through the capillaries are tissues and organs supplied with essential oxygen. Like no other medicinal plant Aloe vera can influence the general condition plus the normal and healthy inner diameter of our capillaries. This explains why Aloe vera is so vital for our health. Insight into the correlation between stress, capillary response and the benefits of Aloe vera has been heightened through the latest research into the subject. And in the process it has been revealed that: 2 General stress factors have increased Efficacy of Aloe vera can be further enhanced. In order to offset increasing stress factors or already-existing changes in the vessels, I have further developed the use of Aloe vera. Through combination with silicon and an essential fatty acid, gamma linolenic acid (GLA), the plants healing effect can be enhanced. That is what this brochure is all about. May it serve as a guide to help maintain health, vitality and joy of living. Michael Peuser, São Paulo/Brazil/May 2008 Introduction
  3. 3. 3 CONTENT Our unhealthy lifestyle 4 Capillary constriction and its consequences 5 The modern endemic diseases 6 Holistic medicine and Aloe vera 7 Aloe vera – 5000 years of healing 8 The secret of Aloe vera 9 Aloe vera and its benefi ts 10 Aloe vera – Healing with nature 11 How to use Aloe vera 12 Aloe vera and diseases 13 Aloe vera quality features 14 New capillary research 16 Silicon – The underestimated mineral 18 What happens if silicon is missing? 19 Silicon and Aloe vera 20 Evening primrose – Comeback of a medicinal herb 21 Acid-base balance 22 The four-leaf clover of health 23
  4. 4. 4 Our lifestyle and where it’s leading to ➛ We live in cities and closed houses ➛ We cook our foods ➛ We eat too much sugar and too much fat ➛ We suffer from lack of exercise ➛ And some of us smoke and/or drink a lot of alcohol All of these things, which have come to be normal as it's blueprint, our genes, originate from a time when such things did not exist. The body, therefore, reacts defensively to many things. In addition to physical stress factors, more and more people suffer from mental stress, as they are often concerned about their job, their children or the future. We could say: The mental pressure is increasing. And one day, we might just “close down” while “everything comes to a halt”. Behind this, a simple mechanism also lies hidden on the physical level: The capillaries are constricting.
  5. 5. Capillary constriction and the consequences Capillaries are the thinnest blood vessels. They are so thin that erythrocytes can only pass through one after the other. In the capillaries area, and only there, oxygen and nutrients from blood are released into tissue and cells. When capillaries constrict, tissue and cells are no longer adequately supplied with blood. Initially, this has no effect on the nutrient supply, as we only need food every couple of hours. However, without oxygen we can only survive a few minutes. And this is the heart of the problem, because: 5 Constriction of capillaries rapidly leads to lack of oxygen. In order that the cells nevertheless survive, they switch over in this case to other mechanisms for energy production – namely without oxygen. This only functions for a short period and results in a marked increase in acid, leading to: A lack of oxygen, which further leads to hyperacidity. Lack of oxygen and hyperacidity are an enormous burden for the organism, which leads to the body entering an unhealthy cycle in relation to illness and health. Burden/Stress Hyperacidity Capillary constriction Lack of oxygen
  6. 6. The consequences – modern endemic diseases If vital organs are affected by this cycle – which is unfortunately quite often the case – modern endemic diseases are the consequence. Due to our lifestyle habits they are also known as diseases of civilization. These include: ➛ Heart attack and stroke ➛ Chronic infections and cancer ➛ Hypertension and arteriosclerosis ➛ Allergies and neurodermatitis 6 These are mainly chronic, i.e. protracted diseases that are diffi cult to treat. However, a more decisive factor is: Diseases of civilization are the most common cause of death today Diseases of the blood vessels like heart attacks and strokes account for approx. 50% of all deaths in Germany. Another 25% percent are attributed to cancer. This is where modern medicine can no longer cope with the situation. The reason is that symptoms are treated rather than causes. However, if the causes - lifestyle / capillary constriction – are not altered, the symptoms will reoccur. We are therefore dependent on doctors, pills and the industry. Which means: Medicine has so far not been able to combat modern endemic diseases.
  7. 7. More and more people recognize these correlations and are turning to holistic medicine. Which means: ➛ Treatment of actual causes ➛ Observing individual lifestyle ➛ Using natural medicine When we look at the vicious circle of modern endemic diseases, we naturally come across Aloe vera, because: ➛ 1. Aloe vera can rectify the cause for constricted capillaries ➛ 2. Aloe vera is a healthy plant like fruits and vegetables and 7 therefore vital for a healthy life. ➛ 3. Aloe vera is one of the oldest medicinal plants in the world and is rich in tradition. What is the secret behind Aloe vera as such an outstanding remedy for holistic medicine? Its ability to restore healthy blood flow in the capillaries. This must be the aim for our efforts in maintaining good health. We can therefore say: Aloe vera is an outstanding remedy in holistic medicine. Holistic medicine and Aloe vera
  8. 8. Aloe vera – 5000 years of healing expertise The Aloe vera story is unparalleled. The wealth of knowledge and experience of this extraordinary medicinal plant dates back thousands of years ago and spans all continents. Like no other medicinal plant Aloe vera is ideal for 8 external and internal application Already in ancient times its alleviating properties were appreciated for the treatment of ➛ Skin and burn injuries ➛ Fungi and parasite infestation ➛ Suppurative abscess ➛ Migraine ➛ Sunburn and many other diseases In the early years of the past century Aloe vera was valued in medical circles as a renowned and valued medicinal plant. The triumphant progress of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, however, temporarily edged it out of the “natural pharmacy”. However, 5000 years of experience with Aloe vera have guaranteed its continued existence. And everyday use of Aloe vera around the globe provides new daily insight. Aloe vera – The desert lily The strong, arm-like succulent arms of the Aloe vera leaves reach out in all directions. A vigorous, glowing yellow inflorescence grows vertically from its center up to the desert sun. This impressive appearance may have been the motivation behind mankind’s first attempts, thousands of years ago, to try out Aloe vera. And people all over the globe have had the same amazing experience, over and over again: Aloe vera really helps!
  9. 9. What is so special about Aloe vera? This question leads us to the ingredients, as they reveal signifi cant differences vs. other drugs. Pharmaceuticals generally have only one active ingredient. This active ingredient is, however, often accompanied by several side-effects. Medicinal plants usually contain groups of ingredients used to treat a variety of symptoms and complaints. In comparison, Aloe vera appears to be a true “natural medicine cabinet” – because: 9 Scientists have so far discovered over 150 active ingredients. The spectrum ranges from A as in acemannan to Z as in zinc. Although some of the ingredients are present in only minor concentrations, this is precisely the secret of Aloe vera: It is not only the effi cacy of a single vital agent or command transmitter: It is the interplay of all substances that enable the positive effects of Aloe vera. Science also refers to these synergistic effects. The secret of Aloe
  10. 10. 10 Aloe vera and its benefits In the meantime, Aloe vera is the subject of scientists the world over. And the more research is conducted, the stronger the verification of the extensive wealth of natural medical knowledge. Folk medicine often describes the benefits of Aloe vera as follows: The 4 D’s: ➛ Deacidifying ➛ Decontaminating ➛ Degreasing ➛ Detoxifying These very different positive effects are based on a joint mode of action. It encompasses the restoration of the healthy and normal inner diameter of the capillaries in areas where vessels constrict due to stress, malnutrition and environmental pollution. The most important function of Aloe vera is the restoration of the healthy and normal inner diameter of capillaries. To this effect, the active ingredients of Aloe vera have an effect on the microscopic cavernous tissue of the inner walls of the capillaries, which is enlarged in many people. The Aloe vera vital drink has an effect on this cavernous tissue: they can again shrink so that blood flow is improved to the tissue and cells. In those areas that are adequately supplied with oxygen, the tissues, cells and organs can regenerate. Acids are neutralized, toxins and waste products are slowly carried away. We could say: The improved blood flow enables the self-healing of the body.
  11. 11. We have already ascertained that the positive effects of Aloe vera are an interplay of all active ingredients, or that is to say: The effi cacy of the ingredients function like an orchestra. Here too, sound experience results from the interplay of all instruments and not only from violins or trumpets. Nevertheless, science is endeavouring to understand the effi cacy of the single ingredients and repeatedly encounter amazing fi ndings. For example: Acemannan: ➛ a body protection system ➛ supports cell regeneration ➛ detoxifies the body Phytosterols: ➛ are responsible for the positive long-term effects on blood sugar Polysaccharides ➛ have a strong antioxidant effect and protect heart and tissues 11 against free radicals Trace and ultratrace elements ➛ are elements that are nowadays rarely found in food like gallium or titanium and these play an important role in metabolism All of these substances are of natural origin and are not medications, in a conventional sense. Aloe vera supports the body to heal from the inside. Or as the famous physician Hippocrates explained: “The physician helps, but nature heals.” Aloe vera – Healing with nature
  12. 12. Aloe vera vital drink should be consumed long-term The positive effects will fi rst be noticeable after a self-healing process over a period of several weeks. Therefore, the Aloe vera vital drink should be taken every day for at least 6 months. The removal of old toxins and waste products is the reason for the occasional initial aggravation. Therefore, the following must be observed: The more severe the disease the slower the start. If you want to use Aloe vera for treatment of a severe chronic disease, start with a signifi cantly reduced dose, i.e. 3x5 ml/day and increase to 3x30 ml/day over a 4 to 6 week period. 12 How to use Aloe vera The following simple rules apply for intake of Aloe vera: Winter Fall Spring Summer In general, Aloe vera can be taken for: ➛ as a prophylactic measure for health improvement ➛ as a supplement to orthodox medical treatment
  13. 13. In the meantime, Aloe vera is used to a greater extent in the treatment of contemporary endemic diseases. These include in particular: Cardiovascular and vessel diseases Aloe vera vital drink should be taken permanently in cases of hypertension, arteriosclerosis, high blood sugar and increased metabolism rates that are burdening the vascular system or that have already damaged the vessels. Chronic infections and gastro-intestinal diseases A lot of people suffer from a slightly irritated gastro-intestinal tract or even from a chronic infl ammation of the latter (Morbus Crohn, Colitis Ulcerosa) – in this case, Aloe vera should be taken over a longer period of time with caution in the beginning and a gradual increase. Allergies, skin diseases, neurodermatitis As this also represents a protracted or even chronic process, permanent intake is advisable with a slow start. The same applies for other chronic diseases like Parkinson, rheumatism, multiple sclerosis and cancer. The prerequisite for successful treatment is endurance and regularity of intake as well as the quality of the vital drink or Aloe vera product. 13 Aloe vera and diseases
  14. 14. Aloe vera quality features The successful use of Aloe vera treatment is dependent on the use of Aloe vera in premium quality. Please take the following criteria into consideration when buying and using the product: 14 Do not use Aloe vera drinks made from concentrates, but only Aloe vera vital drinks made of non-heated direct gel During the production of concentrates, some of the sensitive ingredients are unfortunately partly destroyed. Moreover, the concentrates are subsequently diluted 1:200 with water, and thereby lose their efficacy even further. It is prohibited to sell whole leaf juices cont aining aloin; only aloin-free vital drinks made of the pure crystalline gel of the inner leaf fillet ma y be sold. ! !
  15. 15. To assure the numerous quality features cited, verifi cation is essential. This can only be implemented by independent institutions. 15 Use only Aloe vera products with origin and production certifi cates Important certifi cates are, for example, those of the International Aloe Science Council (IASC) for organic cultivation of the plants, processing and marketing as well as further country-specifi c certifi cates for premium quality assurance like the Fresenius Quality Seal in Germany. Enhanced effi cacy can be attained through the addition of honey. Historical sources also describe adding honey to enhance the taste and effi cacy of the Aloe vera components. The Franciscan father Romano Zago from Brazil discovered, while searching old recipes that adding honey strongly enhances the effi cacy of Aloe vera. This has meanwhile been scientifi cally tested and confi rmed. The ideal honey mixture is 9% in Aloe vera drinking gel. Be sure to observe these quality features when purchasing and drinking Aloe vera. The traditional intake of the Aloe vera vital drink with honey can lead to signifi cant improvement of the symptoms in many diseases. However, there are also cases for which the Aloe vera vital drinks require particular enhancement. Recent capillary research is engaged in this subject. ! ! !
  16. 16. 16 New capillary research In the introduction I already pointed out that increasing stress factors caused by lifestyle and environment make advanced development in the use of Aloe vera worthwhile. Because in addition to capillary constriction there are further factors that can impair blood flow. These include: ➛ 1. Instability of fine blood vessels ➛ 2. viscous poorly-flowing blood Instability of blood vessels With increasing age vessels lose their stability. This especially has a negative effect on fine capillaries. If the delicate wall of these thin vessels is lacking in stability, they can collapse and the blood flow is impaired. To remedy this impairment we need a mineral that has long been neglected in standard medicine: silicon. The following applies not only for hair and nails, but also for our vessels: Silicon is essential for stability and elasticity Despite the small amount in the body, silicon is essential for many processes, that is to say it is vital. It has been demonstrated that a lack of silicon can have significant negative effects on stability and elasticity of bones, tissues and vessels.
  17. 17. Viscidity of the blood The second important aspect is the fl ow properties of the blood. If there is insuffi cient space for the erythrocytes they tend to stack up and the blood becomes ‘sticky’. This is often the case where things generally tend to slow up – in the capillaries, for instance. In the medical world this is sometimes referred to as sludging. The red blood cells roll up like a money roll. When that occurs, there is danger that the blood will coagulate - a mechanism that can trigger a heart attack. For this reason many people take anticoagulants today. However, in this case too nature’s pharmacy can provide support with a natural agent: Gamma linolenic acid also known as GLA which belongs to the omega-3 fatty acids family. It’s job: 17 Gamma linolenic acid reduces blood viscidity. A perfect source for GLA is the oil of the evening primrose. This plant has been known for its medical properties for a long time now and plays an important part in the metabolism of our fatty acids – one could say like a lubricant for the blood fl ow. Gamma linolenic acid is also very important from the point of view of capillary science in terms of the regeneration of healthy blood and oxygen supply. One result of the new capillary research has shown that: Silicon and gamma linolenic acid additionally strengthen the effi cacy of Aloe vera.
  18. 18. Silicon – The underestimated mineral For a long time, the medical world has neglected silicon. However, this is changing now as modern research is constantly finding new evidence for the significance of this mineral for our body. ➛ Silicon is essential for the stability and elasticity of the bones ➛ Silicon plays an essential part in fighting arteriosclerosis ➛ Silicon is essential for the stability and resilience of hair and 18 nails ➛ Silicon is an immunostimulant In the past – when only whole grain products were available - our intake of silicon was primarily via cereal foodstuffs, i.e. wholemeal flour. This changed when we began to prefer white flour as superfine flour. Whole meal in particular contains valuable silicon in a significant concentration. Refined white flour contains only a minor amount of silicon. The consequence: An inadequate supply of silicon nowadays. What happens when the body is not adequately supplied with silicon?
  19. 19. What happens when silicon is missing? In Asia femoral neck fractures are significantly lower than in Europe. Why? The intake of silicon in Europe is lower than in Asia. And scientific studies have ascertained: A lack of silicon reduces bone density. This is even more serious when the intake of calcium and silicon in many people, particularly the elderly is insufficient. Silicon is the partner mineral that allows the bones to absorb calcium. This in turn, promotes bone regeneration. Lack of silicon also directly affects the vessels. The medical world has long suspected a correlation between arteriosclerosis and low silicon intake. Healthy vessel Calcification Occlusion Lack of silicon promotes arteriosclerosis. Silicon is of great importance for even the smallest of vessels: our capillaries. A lack of silicon here leads to instability of the wafer-thin vessel walls. The consequence: 19 Lack of silicon promotes the collapse of the capillaries. Therefore, according to capillary science, an increase in silicon intake is extremely important.
  20. 20. 20 Silicon and Aloe vera Even when Aloe vera is taken correctly it may not lead to optimum results. This may be due to a lack of silicon, which results in weak vessel walls. The consequence: Despite the efficacy of Aloe vera a part of the capillaries remain occluded. This mainly affects elderly people as silicon absorption is reduced at an advanced age. As Aloe vera itself contains only a minimum of silicon, an additional silicon source is required. Capillary research has revealed the following: Aloe vera and supplementary silicon lead to an increased efficacy for vessels. Silicon intake in Western nutrition is insufficient. First and foremost, as only the plant-based silicon can be optimally absorbed by the human body. Stinging nettle contains large amounts of silicon. Capillary research has revealed: Stinging nettle in combination with Aloe v era is an optimum source of health.
  21. 21. The evening primrose originates from North America. There, for over 500 years, Indians have valued the curative powers of this mysterious plant which opens its golden-yellow blossoms in the evening and fades again with the rising of the sun. Owing to its extremely high gamma linolenic acid content, the oil from the seeds of the evening primrose is used. The oil is traditionally used in the treatment of neurodermatitis and psoriasis. New application areas include premenstrual syndromes, i.e. the days prior to menstruation. Gamma linolenic acid enhances the general physical condition during this phase, but should be taken over a longer period of time. Capillary researchers have analyzed the correlation between the fl ow properties of blood and gamma linolenic acid. The following was revealed: Gamma linolenic acid improves the fl ow properties of 21 blood and neutralizes viscidity. And with improved blood fl ow the oxygen supply is also enhanced. In this case the effi cacy of Aloe vera is also promoted and supported. Therefore, the oil of the evening primrose and the gamma linolenic acid it contains is the perfect combination for use with Aloe vera. The outcome of the capillary research: Silicon and gamma linolenic acid promote the effi cacy of Aloe vera on capillaries and thereby enhance the oxygen supply to cells. Evening primrose – Comeback of a medicinal herb
  22. 22. The significance of the acid-base balance is already known. In line with capillary science it must be noted that: hyperacidity causes erythrocytes to lose their flexibility and elasticity. Acid-base balance when hyperacidic rigid erythrocyte in an acidic environment 22 Acid-base balance normal erythrocyte elastic erythrocyte can pass through narrow capillaries In an acidic environment erythrocytes are no longer optimally formable and can only pass slowly through the constricted capillaries. The consequence: Hyperacidity impairs the supply situation. Therefore, a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables is extremely important. Those who cannot regularly fulfill this, should increase their intake of alkaline minerals.
  23. 23. I would like to summarize the results of the new capillary research and give to you a four-leaf clover to take along for your health. Those suffering from diseases caused by: ➛ constricted capillaries ➛ lack of silicon ➛ viscous blood or ➛ non-elastic erythrocytes can undertake a great deal for their health by making use of the measures introduced in this brochure. The four-leaf clover comprises: And, when required, to increase the effi cacy of Aloe vera by additional intake of: Gamma linolenic acid Alkaline minerals May these new fi ndings in capillary research help you along your way. I wish you good health and success with Aloe vera. Sincerely yours, Michael Peuser 23 The four-leaf clover of health daily intake of Aloe vera Silicon Detailed information can also be found in my book “Capillary Theory”.
  24. 24. Verlag H. Rademann GmbH Baumschulenweg 1 59348 Lüdinghausen ISBN 978-3-941451-06-3 UK