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Can we break the cycle of demographic transition?


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Can we break the cycle of demographic transition? Slide is related to demographic transition, atheism, atheist, childfree, nihilism, pessimism, philosophy, prochoice, prolife, sociology, vasectomy, antinatalism, antinatalist, natalism, natalist, чайлдфри, pronatalist, pronatalism, childfree_lifestyle, childfree_life, childfree_by_choice, soshokudanshi, #草食系男子, kidfree, gustave_flaubert, karl_robert, david_benatar, peter_wessel_zapffe, edgar_saltus, fernando_vallejo, abul_ala_al_maarri, arthur_schopenhauer, teamnokids, tubal_ligation, social_conservatism, bionatalism, social_darwinism, biosociology, sociobiology,

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Can we break the cycle of demographic transition?

  1. 1. Can we break the cycle of demographic transition? Enlightenment & liberalization start Start of industrialization & Depopulation starts Stage 2: High birth rates Death rates fall Stage 3: Birth rates start to fall Death rates fall more slowly Stage 4: Low birth rates Low death rates Stage 5: Very low birth rates Low death rates Start of democracy Personal interests Needs of society Decline of 3-generation family modelcollapse of family farming Start of moral decay Effective medicine and birth control Needs of society Personal pleasures Liberal secular state Moral decay is complete Atheism dominanceFeminism Stage 1: High birth rates High death rates Personal needs Needs of society Totalitarian theist society Patriarchy Collapse of civilization