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Antinatalism vs Natalism: Part 2.


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Antinatalism vs Natalism. Part 2. The slide is related to antinatalism, childfree, antinatalist, Arthur Schopenhauer, 草食系男子, teamnokids, kidfree, чайлдфри, Otaku, SoshokuDanshi, childfree by choice, childfree life, childfree lifestyle, Gustave Flaubert, Karl Robert, David Benatar, SeanaShiffrin, Peter Wessel Zapffe, Edgar Saltus, Fernando Vallejo, Abul Ala Al Maarri, Richard Stallman, Thomas Ligotti,

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  • You are aware that your "natalist" side of the images ACTUALLY is a really accurate picture of anti-natalist goals. No more humans to fuck up this beautiful planet. The other side is what will happen if people keep on breeding like fucking cunts.
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Antinatalism vs Natalism: Part 2.

  1. 1. Natalism Existence is good vs. Anti-Natalism Non-existence is good Natalism Anti-Natalism