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  1. 1. St. Paul’s Catholic College Candidate Name: Natalie Warren Candidate Number: 6763 Unit G321: Foundation Portfolio in Media Studies Schedule Week Beginning Work Completed Summer Holidays N/A 10th September Introduction to the AS course. I created a WordPress account and added in the pages to my blog so I knew what to include in them. 21st September I looked at the different theories of Katz, Hartley and Maslow, chose my magazine of inspiration and then applied them to it. 1st October I then created a questionnaire in order to find out who my target audience were and what would attract them into buying my magazine so I could use this as a reference when producing my actual magazine in Photoshop. I also made hand drawn drafts for both the preliminary and main task. 9th October Using my hand drawn drafts, I started the production of both my front cover and contents page for my preliminary task and almost finished them. 17th October I finished the preliminary task after receiving feedback and making some alterations. 64770
  2. 2. Half Term N/A 6th November I started the production of my front cover for my music magazine. I used my hand drawn draft in order to know where to place the codes and conventions as well as my magazine of inspiration. I planned and started to take pictures for my front cover. 10th November I looked at my magazine of inspiration – Kerrang! – to determine what kind of cover stories and information should be included in a rock magazine in order to attract an audience. 20th November After deciding what image to use, I inserted the main headline and the picture I took to use as my main image and made it cover most of the page as I had seen other rock magazines do. 4th December I completed my front cover and started to produce my contents page. I copied across the masthead from my front cover onto my contents page and then created my editorial. 12th December I added my cover stories from my front cover onto my contents page and added some extra information as well as inserted an image of myself into my editorial and 2 other images for my cover lines. 17th December I created a text box in the top left hand corner of my page to include information of how and where my target audience could subscribe to my magazine. Christmas Holidays N/A
  3. 3. 8th January I double checked my contents page to ensure that I had completed it and then started on my double page spread. 16th January I started to create the questions and answers for my interview in Microsoft Word to ensure everything was spelt correctly and made sense and I used various magazine articles online for inspiration on what to include. 23rd January I completed the interview and inserted it into Photoshop after using the pen tool to wrap it round the quote that I placed in the centre of the left page. I then differentiated between the questions and answers by making them different colours as this made it easier for the audience to read. 7th February I then took a variety of images for my double page spread and then decided on an image that was similar to another one of my magazines of inspiration; Classic Rock. This image completely covered a page of my spread and was black and white which was similar to what I had seen Classic Rock do. 26th February I researched some information about the celebrity in my interview so I could use it for my introduction of her and included the success she has had in order to encourage my target audience to read it. 10th March Finally I added some small aspects to my double page spread such as social networking links and a website that my audience could access in order to get more information.
  4. 4. 19th March After checking that I had completely finished each of my pages, I started my evaluation. I first of all inserted the images of my photography planning and completed pages of my music magazine. I explained why I didn’t use some of the images I took and why I picked the final one, I also analysed each of my pages. 22nd March After completing all of the questions and checking over them, I then collected my audience feedback through Facebook and Twitter and by recording them through an audio on my phone. I asked them what they liked about each of my pages, what I could improve on and whether or not they would buy my magazine. 27th March Once everything was completed I then began to add everything onto my blog on WordPress.