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A slide show for the assignment presented for MC11U Due April 4th 2009

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  1. 1. Multimedia IS The representation , storage and transmission of digitally processed integration of different forms of content: still images audio video animation text interactive content Multimedia is applied through applications which uses a collection of multiple media sources Applications include  The World Wide Web  Video /computer Games  Digital Video Editing and Productions Systems  Multi-media Authoring : Adobe/Microsoft Powerpoint
  2. 2. Multimedia systems process, store, manipulate generate and display multimedia data and applications MULTIMEDIA Multimedia Systems Characteristics:  Must be computerized SYSTEMS  Must be integrate with audio visual hardware Can process only information that is digitized Must have interactive capabilities Basic Hardware/Software requirements : Multimedia Systems Computer System Keyboard, Mouse, Graphics Tablet Monitor, Speakers, Printer Hard Disks, CD-ROM , DVD-ROM Local Network, Internet Multimedia Authoring Software
  3. 3. Web design The use of hypertext and hypermedia to design and develop content to be accessed on the world wide web through a web browser Web design associated disciplines Content management Processes that provide a Graphic Design structure under which digital visual communication by a skillful content, such as that on a combination of text and pictures website can be managed
  4. 4. Design is Verb Developing a plan for an entity that solves a particular problem. Noun The combination of details and features of an entity to be executed or constructed “ B. Archer (1973) Design is that area of human experience, skill and knowledge which is concerned with man’s ability to mould his environment to suit his material and ” spiritual needs.
  5. 5.  Animation is  Animation is Creating the illusion of movement through a series of two or three dimensional or model pictures or movements , displayed in rapid Straight ahead Animation sequential order. Drawing from start to finish, one frame at a time without any guidelines/outlines Pose to Pose Animation Outlining animation before the process of animation begins. This method involves story boards and outlining key points within animation.
  6. 6. Multimedia at carimac Image manipulation Website design carimac final year show Elements of design The final show is where Digital photography Drawing and illustrating Multimedia students get to show off their skills and talents.[[ they are allowed to use any medium they want, and] It is supposed to be your best work ever. So you have to push yourself to the limit. - Mialisa Fenty , Final Year Student Carimac
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