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Social Media Strategy & Services Overview


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I understand that your content and your message will always be more important than frequency of communication in a business environment.

That’s why I take time getting to know your business, your industry and your competitors - so I can share powerful insights with your target audience and represent your company in a meaningful way.

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Social Media Strategy & Services Overview

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  2. 2. THE PROBLEM WITH MOST SOCIAL MEDIA AGENCIES In social media marketing, many social media firms and freelancers focus primarily on platform and frequency of communication, rather than the content delivered. While they achieve a greater quantity of social media activity, the quality of the content is much lower. 2 Sacrificing quality for quantity is a critical mistake, and can be damaging to your company’s reputation.
  4. 4. I understand that your content and your message will always be more important than frequency of communication in a business environment. 4
  5. 5. IS SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING CAPTAIN RIGHT FOR YOU? PEOPLE CALL YOU... A trail-blazer A pioneer An innovator A rebel An adventure-seeker A catalyst for change 5
  6. 6. 6 YOU WANT TO... Think differently Get outside your comfort-zone Explore your creative potential Discover fresh ideas Challenge the status quo Beat the competition Be the best PROBLEM Everyone is doing the same thing. SOLUTION Social Media Marketing Captain looks for newer, better and more interesting ways of doing things to offer social media strategies that are not only innovative, but stand out from the crowd.
  7. 7. SERVICES 7
  8. 8. SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT & NEEDS ASSESSMENT Analysis of current data to provide the new recommended strategies. ● Social data ● Website data Evaluate current social media strategy, tactics and assets. Understand current traffic to direct revenue relationship. Define social media goals. PRE-STRATEGY | DISCOVERY PHASE 8
  9. 9. SOCIAL MEDIA OVERVIEW 1. Develop a social marketing strategy and plan in line with business goals 2. Build a growth plan for existing social media accounts owned by brand 3. Start a more active social presence on existing channels and/or establish initial social presence for new accounts 4. Identify feeds and authors we can leverage for content curation 5. Build up social engagement to raise awareness and control conversation 6. Humanize your brand by sharing your unique brand story and message with your social networks 9
  10. 10. ATTRACT Blogs, keywords or SEO, and social media will attract strangers and turn them into website visitors. 10 CONVERT Forms, calls to action and landing pages convert your visitors into leads. CLOSE Sales uses customer relationship management (CRM) to close the deal, turning leads into customers. DELIGHT Surveys, content sharing and social media engagement delight, and give your customers a way to promote your brand.
  11. 11. SOCIAL MEDIA PERFORMANCE TRACKING Average Social Engagement ● Number of mentions, likes and shares ● Average rate of social engagement per post Web traffic from social (+/- MoM) Social Network Growth ● Number of followers (+/- MoM) ● Message reach Content/campaign performance REPORTS DELIVERED EVERY MONTH 11
  12. 12. RESULTS 12
  13. 13. 213% Increased pageviews by 213% 289% Increased new visitors by 289% 13
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  15. 15. 15
  17. 17. 30 DAYS ● Initial discovery, assessment and social media audit ● Creation of strategy and plan for implementation ● Industry research, analysis, and initial growth opportunities ● Recommended networks, posting schedules for each, keywords, groups, etc. ● Documented strategy 60 DAYS 90 DAYS ● Defining of social media goals and KPIs ● Analysis of current metrics ● Launch social media plan ● Update and optimize existing social profiles with better messaging, branding and SEO ● Create new social media accounts if needed ● Original content creation for social profiles - photos, graphics, about section, etc. ● Social media automation setup ● Tracking and reporting of KPIs ● Sharing of original content across channels ● Social media posts supporting current marketing campaigns ● Increase post frequency and engagement ● Initiate planning of influencer and lead generation programs ● Measuring of results from first 90 days $9,000$6,500$3,500 17
  18. 18. 90-DAY PLAN Everything you need to kick off your social media strategy in 2017. 6-MONTH PLAN Continue services to see substantial increases in reach, web traffic and lead generation. $15,000 $9,000 18
  19. 19. CONTACT ME NATALIE JACKS (424) 262-1175 19