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The Kanji Code Lesson 1


Published on Improve your Japanese reading skills in 10 minutes by reading this presentation! A short lesson based on The Kanji Code by Natalie Hamilton. She introduces the 4 main types of kanji, phonetic components, keisei moji and radicals. With slides showing sample pages from The Kanji Code, and links to free online resources. 音符、形成文字、部首について勉強しましょう!

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The Kanji Code Lesson 1

  1. 1. © Natalie Hamilton
  2. 2. The 4 Kinds of Kanji • Pictograph 人 木 • Ideograph 上 下 • Compound ideograph 休 • Keisei moji 訪 清
  3. 3. The 4 Kinds of Kanji • Pictograph 人 木 • Ideograph 上 下 • Compound ideograph 休 • Keisei moji 訪 清 80-90%
  4. 4. Keisei Moji 形 声 文 字 form, shape voice character ‘Semasio phonetic character’ (linguistics) A kanji in which the form or shape gives a clue to the sound. form-sound character
  5. 5. Keisei moji How does a form-sound character work? The radical tells you the meaning category. Radical  meaning category ⺡水 water 泳 swim 河 river 泡 bubble
  6. 6. Keisei moji And the phonetic gives you a hint to the pronunciation . Phonetic  On reading 泳 swim 河 river 泡 bubble 永 可 包 EI KA HOU
  7. 7. 水泳 swimming radical = water phonetic = EI SUI EI meaning = to swim
  8. 8. 河川 river, stream radical = water phonetic = KA KA SEN meaning = river
  9. 9. 明星 morning star radical = sun phonetic = JOU (SEI, JOU) MYOU JOU meaning = star
  10. 10. The Components: The Yin and Yang of Kanji Radicals meaning hints Phonetics reading hints 木 日 手 刀 青 方 中
  11. 11. 木 tree 手 扌 hand 日 sun 月 moon 心 ⺖ heart 刀 sword Learn radicals by subject nature body parts weapons 弓 bow
  12. 12. Phonetics Take the guess work out of reading kanji for sound! 青 SEI 方 HOU 中 CHUU KEN
  13. 13. List of Phonetics
  14. 14. List of Radicals by Subject
  15. 15. The Kanji Code Sample page The Phonetic Code
  16. 16. Sample pages
  17. 17. The Kana Code
  18. 18. The Kana Code
  19. 19. The Visual Code
  20. 20. Key Resources • List of Radicals: • List of Phonetic Components: • The Kanji Code:
  21. 21. © Natalie Hamilton