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Castles Made of Sand - Explaining the importance of IA & UX


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Explaining the importance of IA & UX to clients who dislike digital - why the tangible and the virtual aren’t so different after all.

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Castles Made of Sand - Explaining the importance of IA & UX

  1. 1. I’d better get a website because my competitors have one. I’ll just write up what the product does and they can put the info up Explain the value of planning information and testing assumptions – both Allan’s, and ours. Limit risk and organise information logically. Involve Allan in the process, and base decisions on evidence. Save time, costly mistakes and avoid a lengthy sign off process. Get to know the product and target market inside out. Clickable prototype gives valuable data, test and log errors, plan functionality. Allan can follow and understand the process. Ready to start design and build – Information, functionality & data tracking is planned. Allan is confident in the process, and what he is paying for.
  2. 2. - Alan Key * “I bloody love IA & UX” * Quote not verbatim