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Are You Raising a Social Media Savvy Teen?


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Are You Raising a Social Media Savvy Teen?

  1. 1. Raising  a  Social  Media  Teen   Create  Engagement  (Even  if  You   Aren’t  Social  Media  Savvy)  So  You   Don’t  Get  LeA  Behind!  
  2. 2. The  Good  News   •  Here’s  the  good  news!    Social  Media  provides   a  way  for  our  evolved  (and  evolving)   teenagers  to  find  that  connecJon  in  one   another…Social  Media  actually  provides  the   opportunity  for  creaJng  relaJonships  and  can   even  promote  more  face  to  face  Jme   ~Daniel  J  Siegel  Huffington  Post  
  3. 3. Why  Do  Teens  LOVE  Social   Media?   Oxford  DicJonary  chose  “Selfie”  as   the  word  of  the  year  for  2013.   1  in  5  Teens  say  social  media  makes   them  feel  more  confident.   1  in  4  Teens  say  social  media  helps   them  to  be  more  outgoing    
  4. 4. In  previous  years,  kids  were  outside   playing.       Come  in  when  the  streetlights  come   on!   Now,  parents  are  more  cauJous  and   many  kids  are  not  given  the  freedom   to  roam  they  once  had.  
  5. 5. Nearly  25  percent  of  teens  between   14-­‐17  have  a  smartphone  or   superphone  
  6. 6. Instagram   •  85%  increase  in  2013  of  teens  13-­‐17   •  “Red  Carpet”  Experience   •  Super  fun  Filters  to  change  how  a  photo  looks    
  7. 7. Facebook   •  Facebook  is  like  a  Backyard  BBQ   •  Great  connector  so  you  can  find  people  from  all   areas  of  your  life   •  Teens  will  always  have  a  Facebook  account,  but   may  not  use  regularly  
  8. 8. Twiher   •  Fast  paced  school  dance   •  CelebriJes  LOVE  twiher  and  teens  have  the   chance  of  actually  interacJng  with  their  teens   •  Share  videos,  photos,  links  and  websites  
  9. 9. Vine   •  Video  sharing  app   •  6  second  video  clips   •  Vine  Stars  are  users  who  have   maximized  the  plakorm  
  10. 10. Tumblr   •  Teens  answer  to  blogging   •  Users  can  “reblog”  images  and  posts  to  their   feed   •  Membership  is  growing