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Stay Ahead In Times Of Change


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Be ready for change in your career. You have what it takes to be a great leader, banish self-doubt and raise your hand even if it scares you. Stand out and be unforgettable.

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Stay Ahead In Times Of Change

  1. 1. STAY AHEAD IN TIMES OF CHANGE Natalie Benamou
  3. 3. WHAT YOU WILL DISCOVER ‣ You Have What It Takes: To Be A Great Leader ‣ Banish Self-Doubt: Embrace Praise ‣ Raise Your Hand: Even If It Scares TABLE OF CONTENTS Stay Ahead In Times Of Change Natalie Benamou
  4. 4. ‣ Embrace Technology: Commit to learning the platforms that your company is using. You don’t have to be an expert but knowing basic navigation of each technology from conference technology to sharing information will help you communicate effectively across teams. ‣ Leverage yourself internally: Don’t stay in a silo expand across departments and become knowledgeable in multiple areas within your organization. Stay Ahead In Times of Change Natalie Benamou
  5. 5. ‣ Time to learn Social Media: Your profile on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social platforms matters. Take an online course, watch YouTube tutorials to stay in touch with latest trends ‣ Network Daily: Spend 5-10 minutes internally and 5-10 minutes externally a day and you will have an engaged network to reach out to for advice when you need it most. Stay Ahead In Times of Change Natalie Benamou
  6. 6. ‣ Find Speaking Opportunities: Start with Toast Masters if you feel nervous about public speaking. Once you are comfortable join organizations where you can share your knowledge. Promote your speaking on LinkedIn. ‣ Resist the temptation to be an introvert. Get Out There! Stay Ahead In Times of Change Natalie Benamou
  7. 7. ‣ Mentor/Sponsor: Everyone benefits from both mentors and sponsors. Even if you yourself are both, you need someone to help guide you on decisions and have your back internally when you are not present. ‣ Continue Education: Even if you have your MBA or advanced degree, things change constantly. Make it a point to take a course once a quarter and learn something new. Share your knowledge with your team and network. Stay Ahead In Times of Change Natalie Benamou
  8. 8. ‣ Take Action: Don’t wait to raise your hand or make sure you have everything on a list of qualifications for a career move. Express an interest in advancement and find out what you need to do and then…do it! Too often we wait for perfection which is unattainable. ‣ Be Responsive: One of the quickest ways to be viewed positively is how you respond to others. Engage, attend, respond and be present. You will be remembered for your contributions to the discussion. Stay Ahead In Times of Change Natalie Benamou
  9. 9. • name goes here Stand Out. Be Ready. You got this! Natalie Benamou