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Own the Room-Win Over Executives with Your Presence


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10 Power Tips to Boost your Executive Presence. Find out how to be confident, network up & leverage your personal brand.

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Own the Room-Win Over Executives with Your Presence

  2. 2. WHAT YOU WILL DISCOVER ‣ How To Be Confident: Use Your Influence ‣ Network Up: Feel Comfortable Meeting Executives ‣ Leverage Your Brand: Share Your Vision TABLE OF CONTENTS Own The Room Natalie Benamou
  4. 4. ‣ Be ready for every meeting. When you are prepared and confident, others will feel it. Confidence turns into personal empowerment. Before a meeting happens check in with leaders of your organization and ask “Has anything happened since our last meeting that can help me prepare for our discussion?” Knowing about additional conversations that occurred outside of work or in passing will give you an edge and you will be ready for anything. ‣ Own the room. Think about how a CEO walks into the boardroom- they are engaged, smiling and command the room. This doesn’t just happen. It takes intention and repetition. Practice your personal elevator pitch so much that you can say it without hesitation. Now video tape yourself. How are your mannerisms? Take note of anything you want to change up. Next time you enter a room-have a smile on your face, make eye contact and you will create a strong lasting impression. Own The Room: Win Over Executives Every Time. Natalie Benamou
  5. 5. ‣ Know Key Details. Research leaders and know what is important to them. Everyone likes to feel special even someone in the C-Suite. Making Executives aware that you appreciate their challenges will help them see your commitment to them and to the organization. Check in with their admin and find out if they are arriving from a trip especially overseas. Knowing their mindset and showing empathy will go a long way. ‣ Leverage Your Sponsor. Everyone needs a sponsor who can be an advocate. Ask them to introduce you to people of influence within your organization. This will elevate you both inside your company and industry. Own The Room: Win Over Executives Every Time Natalie Benamou
  6. 6. ‣ Always Be Present. In an age of multi-tasking-the best plan is to resist. Executives at meetings are present, engaged and focused on the discussion. If you are present, you will have presence. ‣ Bring Energy And Enthusiasm. Executives who have contagious vitality really light up a room. Share your excitement about a project and see how quickly it catches on with others. Own The Room: Win Over Executives Every Time Natalie Benamou
  7. 7. ‣ Build External Presence. Experiential leadership is one of the fastest ways to learn presence. Professional non-profit organizations often have key volunteer positions available where you have the ability to gain speaking opportunities, leadership roles in an environment outside of the workplace. Power Tip- go for something that pushes you outside of your comfort zone and can translate back to your company. ‣ Share Your Contribution. If you are well prepared and execute a plan that has results you need to showcase your contribution to the company. Vanish thoughts of self-doubt. You are seasoned, experienced and deliver results. Celebrate your accomplishments with a sense of pride and others will respect you for it. Own The Room: Win Over Executives Every Time Natalie Benamou
  8. 8. ‣ Understand Your Strengths. Leaders with presence are very aware of their strengths and they know how to leverage them in meetings both with internal and external customers. Here is a free self-assessment on presence and leadership that will power you up to achieve desired results. ‣ Level Up The Company You Keep: In kids sports programs, youth that show potential are often put on teams that might be a year ahead in age so they can level up to the players and really stretch themselves. Are you surrounding yourself with people who demonstrate leadership qualities you admire or are you playing it safe? Engage with executives regularly and you will learn key traits that will help you perfect your presence. Own The Room: Win Over Executives Every Time Natalie Benamou
  9. 9. Natalie Benamou “Having the capacity to lead is not enough. The leader must be willing to use it.” - Vince Lombardi