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Templates for Library Partnerships Benefiting Youth


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Florida Library Association Conference 2013 - Orange County Library System Youth Services

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Templates for Library Partnerships Benefiting Youth

  1. 1. Florida Library AssociationConference 2013Vera GubnitskaiaNatalie HoustonBrittany NethersTEMPLATES FOR PARTNERSHIPSBENEFITING YOUTH
  2. 2. OBJECTIVES• Ideas for community partners• Examples of partnerships that work• How partnerships benefit• the library,• the youth we serve,• and local businesses and organizations
  3. 3. STEP ONE – GETTING STARTEDIdentify Potential Partners in yourCommunity
  4. 4. STEP TWO –DEVELOPING PARTNERSHIPSBenefits ExchangeDetails
  5. 5. REAL LIFE EXAMPLES OF PARTNERSHIPS• Check It Out Promotions• Program Exchanges• Contests• Donations
  6. 6. • Check out five ormore items• Receive a freechild’s ticket• 1,353 circus ticketsCHECK IT OUT PROMOTIONS
  7. 7. CONTESTS
  9. 9. OUTREACHESTo be or not to beWhat to askWhat to takeStaffingReporting and evaluationsFollow-up
  10. 10. STEP THREE – MAINTAININGPARTNERSHIP RELATIONSHIPS• In-kind Receipts• Thank you• Recognizing your partners• Keeping statistics
  11. 11. AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION• Examples to share• Ideas for new partnerships
  12. 12. SEE MORE!• Posters• Promotional language• Contest rules•
  13. 13. QUESTIONS? CONTACT USVera Gubnitskaia, Youth Services ManagerGubnitskaia.vera@ocls.infoBrittany Nethers, Youth Programs CoordinatorNethers.brittany@ocls.infoNatalie Houston, Youth Outreach CoordinatorHouston.natalie@ocls.infoTwitter: @natelibrarian