Using social policy to campaign for change 2


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Using social policy to campaign for change 2

  1. 1. Hackney CAB Crowdmap Sharing Stories on the impact of Housing Benefit cuts in Hackney
  2. 2. Hackney CAB Crowdmap  Sharing stories on the impact of housing benefit changes in Hackney  Aims: To raise awareness and provide people with information on options and where to get help   @hcabcrowdmap on Twitter  Hackney CAB Crowdmap on Facebook
  3. 3. Crowdmap - How it started  Ushahidi ‘testimony’ or ‘witness’ - group of developers and bloggers in Kenya  Developed open source software to share and map reports of violence in Kenya in the post-election violence in January 2008   Crowdmap software - off-the-shelf version of Ushahidi  - South Dublin county council  - Arizonans Unite
  4. 4. Crowdmap - How does it work?  Crowdmap provides you with -  A website  With a live map of any selected geographical location  To which you can add your own geographical and dated reports  And you can invite people to add their own reports  Live map - adds time dimension to geographical data  As reports are added, you can create a snapshot of reports at any time and play through a timeline to demonstrate how and where reports have been added  All for free!
  5. 5. Hackney CAB Crowdmap project  Working Title - Hackney CAB Crowdmap  Mapping impact of Housing Benefit shortfalls in Hackney  Affects approx 8000 households in private rented accommodation in Hackney, almost 10% of the borough  Average shortfall £40 per week  Reporting bureau and other agency enquiries  Public reports
  6. 6. Hackney CAB Crowdmap project  The project collects stories of how people are affected and how they are coping  Pointing people towards resources and help available in Hackney  Information on options  Blog posts - most recently on landlord mystery shopping exercise to see how many properties available to Housing Benefit tenants - we found 14 out of 1600!
  7. 7. Hackney CAB Crowdmap project  Open to local community to report directly and to share their stories - to know that they are not alone and that there is help out there  Bring people together over the issue  Provides a route to advice on the related issues - on options available and how to get help and advice in Hackney  Awareness raising  Compiles the stories of those affected in one place over time - so that we can build a picture of how the community is affected by the Housing Benefit changes
  8. 8. Hackney CAB Crowdmap project  Issues we needed to consider for the project  Anonymity  How we use the service  How the public use the service  Reaching out to public to share stories
  9. 9. Partners  Local advice organisations  Homelessness and Tenancy support services  Parent support groups  Local government
  10. 10. Data  Hackney Council data modelling research  8000 affected households  Welfare Reform working group  Welfare Reform Impact Dashboard
  11. 11. Resources  Three social policy volunteers at Hackney CAB  Young Foundation mentoring and support  Pro bono web support and free hosting from Base Creative  Volunteer designer on photography and design  Free and easy to use software - Crowdmap and Wordpress (with free hosting options)
  12. 12. The Young Foundation  Applied to Building Local Activism programme in summer 2011  Support and mentoring  Help with building Wordpress website around Crowdmap  Pro bono help from Base Creative web design  Constant source of support from advice on political and press issues, to practical help with landlord survey, street leafleting, workshops  Helped to make the website a much richer resource and the project more ambitious and far-reaching
  13. 13. Hackney CAB Crowdmap project Outcomes so far:  Other bureaux and orgs running Crowdmap projects  London Assembly  DWP research  Hackney Scrutiny Review on Housing Benefit changes  Local workshops
  14. 14. Please get in touch - You can contact me at Hackney CAB on email: Catherine Dempsey -