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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Natalia Gavaldá Lizán
  2. 2. Memorial forest(EEUU):  Oregon lions with Lion Frnak Lockyear works to create for Vietnam fallens. The proyect is namened ‘’Say yes to trees’’. It will plant 60000 trees to conmemorate each one dead soldiers in Vietnam war. International help to reforestatiton zones (Uruguay)  Lions international clubs created a agriculture committee to promove a plantation of 50million trees. EEUU helped to donating pine seeds. Trees to Africa (England):  District 105 Lions with Europe finance a trees plantation in África with others clubs too. They make easy advances informs of reforestation and plantations Students reforestation (India)  Snehapuri Lion Club donated trees to a school forestation project. Each student watered his tree. Also, nameplates were placed in new trees.
  3. 3. Conserve soil and water Keep the life in the Earth. Trees help us to… Absorb atmosphere carbon dioxide Give us food, wood and medicine.
  4. 4. Europe park. One Asian park. American forest. ‘’Huerto del Cura’’ Park in Elche.
  5. 5. Deforestation in Natural Forest Pampa Verde and in the South San Pedro
  6. 6. It’s very easy… 1º. Diging a hole bigger than the tree width. You had continue puting the tree in the hole. 2º. Cover the hole with ground. 3º. Protect the tree of animals and yo had remove bad weed.
  7. 7. To achieve a social and economic development, we need respect the envariomental. Goverments do laws for that. That asosiations plant trees in zones that they have been destroyed for fires. Someone people decided to build in spaces inhabited for forests. But, fortunately, laws don’t allow these actions.