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Public Relations - Trends and Challenges


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What are the trends of Public Relation in this connected age? What are the challenges faced by PR practitioners?

This deck was developed in 2016 for presentation purpose in a convention.

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Public Relations - Trends and Challenges

  1. 1. “Trends and Challenges” PUBLIC RELATIONS Oct 2016
  2. 2. “There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.” -Winston Churchill
  3. 3. Source: Back then,
  4. 4. Source: these days
  5. 5. Source: Back then,
  6. 6. Source: these days
  7. 7. Credit: Newton Daly Digital Vision Getty Images Source: Back then, I need to follow TV schedule and make time
  8. 8. these days Source: I choose my own entertainment and when to watch them
  9. 9. What is happening? Thanks to internet
  10. 10. Information is everywhere. We are bombarded with news, information.. INFORMATION OVERLOAD Source:
  11. 11. we have the power to select Source:
  12. 12. Source: thus, it’s harder (and easier?) to gain exposure
  13. 13. Everyone can be ‘expert’
  14. 14. What does it mean?
  15. 15. From Practitioner POV There are many channels, need to be omnipresent to reach audience. Different channels = different approach. More noise to cut through. It is not only us who can ‘talk’ about our brand.
  16. 16. From Practitioner POV More “noise” to listen to, need to sort through all the noise.
  17. 17. Connectivity Reduce reliance on ‘traditional sources’ Develop Integrated communication (Integrated marketing) reaching audience where they are. Mobile connectivity, with technologies, new gadgets, internet of things (IoT) will be new possibilities. The lines between PR and advertising will blur more rapidly.
  18. 18. Culture Corporate Culture: authenticity, transparency, leadership and corporate purpose. Most importantly, corporate Purpose has to be truly lived and breathed by the company – and then communicated. This also relates to the importance of Internal Communication, and how empowering employees to be corporate ambassadors. Millennials (75% of the global workforce by 2025) prefer working for firms that are leaders in disclosure, emphasising once again the necessity for Transparency. Corporate Purpose is also a big consideration for millenials.
  19. 19. Consumer Who are we talking to? Millennials and the Gen-C, the connected generation. Deep look at consumer insights. Targeting the audience.
  20. 20. Creativity It’s not enough for us to come up with great content that is true to corporate purpose, we must also be creative about the means of delivering this content. Storytelling Visual/image-led communication Brand transparency/authenticity Social good Digital
  21. 21. Crisis Crisis planning, must consider fast paced new media and the integrated ecosystem in communication.
  22. 22. PR People will Become Smarter Business People.
  23. 23. Thank you.