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page 77
1. The singer was attracted by the beauty of
2. Because he believed the stories told by the...
page 82
1. 1. Third Conditional
2. Second Conditional
3. First Conditional
2. 1. Present Simple, future
2. Past Simple,...
page 85
3. Possible Answers
1. Would you like a return or a single ticket? / I’d like
a single ticket, please.
2. What ...
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Viewpoints1 sb key_unit7


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Viewpoints1 sb key_unit7

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Viewpoints1 sb key_unit7

  1. 1. 19 Travel7 page 77 1. The singer was attracted by the beauty of Antarctica. 2. Because he believed the stories told by the wind, as dreamers sometimes do. 3. They might have died while exploring Antarctica. READING (page 78) 2. 1. the continent of Antarctica 2. the fact that guides teach you about Antarctica 3. environmentalists 4. the seas 5. the tourists 6. an oil leak from the ship’s tank. 3. 1. c 2. b 4. 1. The main difference is that the objective of an Antarctic cruise is to learn about Antarctica’s ecosystem and animals. 2. Antarctica, the coldest place on Earth ... (line 10). It has no permanent residents (line 10). There are no shops, hotels, billboards or cafés. (line 11). There are also no native people (line 11). It doesn’t belong to any country (lines 12-13). 3. Tourism could provoke changes in the environmental stability of Antarctica. 4. They think the number of tourists should be limited as this would minimise the environmental damage. 5. Tourism may encourage conservation since Antarctica’s beauty will make tourists aware of the importance of protecting it. 5. 1. Tens of thousands of people visit Antarctica every year. (lines 3-4) 2. Before 1820, no one had ever laid eyes on Antarctica. (lines 11-12) 3. According to the 1959 treaty, no nation will ever claim that Antarctica is part of its territory. (lines 13-14) 4. Tourists to Antarctica may be risking their lives because of the rough seas that surround this continent. (lines 21-22) 5. In the 2007 incident, no tourists were killed or injured because the weather was calm. (lines 25-26) 6. A disaster was avoided because the tank didn’t leak. (lines 26-27) 6. 1. remote (line 1) 4. roughest (line 22) 2. giant (line 9) 5. icy (line 24) 3. allowed (line 18) VOCABULARY (page 80) Words from the Text 1. 1. next to roads 4. a scientist 2. a ship 5. people 3. a stone 6. hurricanes 2. 1. c 2. d 3. e 4. b 5. a 3. Possible Answers 1. sand, stones 4. firefighter, paramedic 2. computer, iPod 5. pot, bucket 3. a course, school trip 4. decision information darkness possibility difference appointment relationship environmentalist 5. 1. difference 5. Environmentalists 2. possibility 6. information 3. appointment 7. relationship 4. decision 8. darkness 6. 1. excitement 4. thickness 2. possibility 5. impression 3. construction Topic Vocabulary (page 81) TRAVEL 1. 1. b 3. a 5. a 7. a 2. b 4. a 6. b 2. 1. luggage 3. flight 5. airline 2. queue 4. youth hostel 3. 1. b 2. a 3. d 4. e 5. c 4. 1. hire a car 4. go sightseeing 2. stay at a youth hostel 5. book a room 3. go on holiday 5. 1. accommodation 5. airlines 2. departure time 6. passengers 3. flight 7. overnight 4. delayed 8. luggage GRAMMAR (page 82) THE CONDITIONAL First Conditional Condition: If people see Antarctica’s beauty, Result: they’ll promote conservation. Second Conditional Condition: if there were rules about tourism. Result: There would be less damage Third Conditional Condition: If the tank had leaked, Result: it would / could / might have caused a disaster.
  2. 2. 20 page 82 1. 1. Third Conditional 2. Second Conditional 3. First Conditional 2. 1. Present Simple, future 2. Past Simple, would 3. Past Perfect, would + have + past participle TIME CLAUSES 1. To the future 2. The Present Simple 1. 1. will get 4. weren’t 2. would travel 5. had 3. improves 6. continues 2. 1. had had / wouldn’t have got 2. wouldn’t have felt / hadn’t eaten 3. might have seen / hadn’t worn 4. had taken / would have been 5. had written / would have remembered 3. 1. b 4. a 2. b 5. a 3. a 6. b page 83 4. 1. get 4. meets 2. were 5. hadn’t spoken 3. hadn’t left 6. stop 5. 1. You can’t enter unless you’ve got a visa. 2. If I were you, I would take an umbrella. 3. When I feel better, I’ll finish my work. 4. I would be happier if Robin were here with us. 5. If I had known you had the disc, I wouldn’t have bought it. 6. If I cook, will you do the washing up? 7. As soon as I hear any news, I’ll phone Tom. 6. Possible Answers 1. Unless I find my passport, I won’t be able to go to Canada. 2. I’ll go to Slovenia this summer if I can save enough money. 3. If something went wrong on a trip, I would phone the Spanish Embassy. 4. As soon as Dad arrives at his hotel, he’ll let us know. 5. If Antarctica had permanent residents, it would be impossible to preserve the region. 6. Our last holiday might have been better if we had booked a better hotel. 7. 1. will be / would be 6. would know 2. book / booked 7. will find out 3. weren’t 8. get 4. would enjoy 9. had flown 5. weren’t 10. would / could have gone Grammar Review 8. 1. If I could speak Italian, I would study in Italy. 2. I fell asleep after I had read for ten minutes. 3. Paula must be home by now. 4. Jason will play football as soon as it stops raining. 5. If I had known it was your birthday, I would have bought you a present. 6. My father might have taken that picture. SKILLS (page 84) LISTENING RECORDED MESSAGES 1. Possible Answer It might be that you see London from a different point of view (i.e. from the sky). 2. 1. b 2. c 3. b 4. a 5. c 6. b 3. 1. £25 2. free 3. £15.50 4. 1. Shepherd’s Bush Station is closed because of construction work. 2. If your luggage is found unattended, workers will remove and may destroy it. 3. There is nowhere where you can smoke on the Underground. 4. Service on the Victoria line is delayed. The next train will come in 30 minutes. SPEAKING (page 85) BUYING A TRAIN TICKET 1. Steve’s Questions How long is the journey? What time does the train leave? Do I have to book in advance? Where do I get the train? How much is a ticket? When’s the next train after that? How often do the trains leave? The railway representative’s Questions May I help you? Would you like a return or a single ticket? What time do you want to leave? Will that be first or second class? 2. 1. May I help you? 2. Where do I get the train? 3. How long is the journey? 4. How often do the trains leave? 5. What time do you want to leave?
  3. 3. 21 page 85 3. Possible Answers 1. Would you like a return or a single ticket? / I’d like a single ticket, please. 2. What time does the train leave? / It leaves at 6.30 pm. 3. Do I have to book in advance? / It’s best to book in advance but you can also buy the ticket just before you leave. 4. How much is a ticket? / It depends – it’s much cheaper if you leave at midday or late at night. 5. Will that be first or second class? / I’d like a second-class ticket please. 6. When’s the next train after that? / It’s at 7.00 pm. WRITING (page 86) An e-mail 1. Angela wants Carla to come on holiday to Tuscany with her and her family. Angela tells Carla that she will only have to pay for her plane fare. She also tells Carla that they will have a fantastic time. 2. 1. Paragraph 1 3. Paragraph 1 2. Paragraphs 2 and 3 4. Paragraph 4 3. 1. Greeting: Hi Carla, 2. Signing off: Love, Angela 4. 1. Hi …, 2. How are things? 3. I haven’t heard from you in a while! 4. Well, why don’t you come with us? 5. We’ll have a fantastic time! 6. I can’t wait to hear what you decide. 7. Write soon! 8. Love, 5. it: being alone with her parents We: Angela and her family them: Angela’s parents page 87 6. 1. they, them 4. she, her 2. he, us 5. that, him 3. they, their 7. 1. I’d like to see Ms Croft. Can you tell me which office is hers? 2. Where is Edward? I don’t know. I haven’t seen him all day. 3. Should we get tickets for the concert? Yes, that would be lovely. 4. I’ve spoken with Katie. She has booked a flight for 18th December. 5. How could you forget your sunglasses? You’ll need them at the beach. 8. 1. they 5. him 2. their 6. his 3. He 7. its 4. the 8. it / This WRITING YOUR E-MAIL 1. Planning a trip I’ve found some really cheap tickets. We haven’t arranged accommodation yet. Departure time is 9.00 am – don’t be late! We have booked a room in the city centre for two nights. Do you want to go sightseeing every day? A Trip you have already taken We hired bicycles and drove around the villages. We had a fantastic time. It was the best / worst holiday I’ve ever had! Our flight was delayed and our luggage didn’t arrive! LIFE SKILLS (page 88) BOOKING A ROOM TASK QUESTIONS 1. Edinburgh Hostel Hostel Royale Lothian Hostel Location Five minutes’ walk from the bus station Right on Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile 15 minutes’ walk from Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle Breakfast Included in room price £1,90 £1,90 Internet access Cheap Free in common room Free in all rooms Lockers In common room In rooms In rooms Self-catering kitchens Yes Yes (fully equipped) Yes Luggage storage Yes No No Mini- supermarket Yes No No TV TV and DVD in common room Plasma TV in common room No Games room No No Yes (with pool table) 2. 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8 3. Hostel Royale 4. Booking Record Name: Surname Adams First Name Jake Address: Street: 108 Victory Road City: Blackpool Country: England Credit card: Type: Visa Number: 2376-8925-8874 Expiry date: November, 2012 Number of Guests: 2 Dates: Arrival 17/06/ (Current year) Departure 21/06/ (Current year) Room type: Dormitory, 6 beds, Male Rate: £21.80 per bed, per night