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Natalia Morales Portfolio


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The document includes a brief summary of my career and main projects I participated while working at TCS, Globant and Serco.
It introduces my freelance services offer in Virtual Management, Project Coordination, Quality Management and Training Services.

Published in: Business
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Natalia Morales Portfolio

  1. 1. Natalia Morales Work Portfolio
  2. 2. Table of Contents • Career Summary • Assignments with TCS • Assignments with Globant • Assignment with Serco • Recommendations • Get in touch
  3. 3. Career Summary Natalia Morales is an Uruguayan-Italian citizen delivering Virtual Management, Project Coordination, Agile Trainings and Quality Management services to small IT companies, freelance project initiatives and start-ups with distributed teams that might work from different locations, different working times and cultures. Her previous employers were Tata Consultancy Services ( , Globant ( and Serco ( performing Management and Analyst roles for various IT projects during 8 years. In November 2014 Natalia began to work as a freelancer Project Coordinator for a Web Development Company in Italy ( where she actually resides. In April 2015 she started working as a freelancer IT Manager. Natalia holds a Bachelors in International Relations of University of Republic Montevideo- Uruguay. She specialized in software investment and international software trade, software analysis IT Management, IT Best Practices and Virtual Teams.
  4. 4. Assignments with TCS
  5. 5. Assignments with Globant
  6. 6. Assignment with Serco
  7. 7. Recommendations “Natalia was asked to step in to assist on a very complex project and did so by forming high quality relationships with partners of the business as well as Product Managers and Engineering. She worked very independently with little need for oversight and was able to deliver several challenging assignments on or ahead of time. We re-engaged her for an add-on project and again she showed her skill and attention to detail in delivering a document that the Engineering team is completing their work against. In meetings she has been very personable and works to calm down emotions and focus the team on solutions. That is very valuable role in the dynamic situation she found herself in. I would recommend Natalia for future roles as a BA or IT Leader due to her strong communication, analytical and organization skills”. Samuel Fitting – Director of Technical Program Management at Sears Holdings Corporation “Natalia was an integral part of the Moneygram Online team. She was part of several critical releases including the Walmart Moneygram affiliate release. She was the team's Senior Business Analyst, her knowledge and understanding of Moneygram's business was vital to our success as the development team. She is very analytical, always trying to fully understand the problems presented to her before starting to work on the solutions required. Her excellent interpersonal skills allowed her to act as liason between the development team in Bogota, Colombia and the business's main center of operations in Dallas and Minneapolis, USA”. Luis Carlos Guerrero – Data Science and Search Engineer at VivaReal
  8. 8. Recommendations “Natalia worked as a Business Analyst in the Moneygram project. She joined the team in a very difficult time where requirements where the bottle neck and managed not only to complete the requirements but to support the team in many fronts. She is committed to the projects she is in and the team she works with going beyond her job description in benefit of the project. Besides her professional skills she is fun to work with and will have any team laughing even in the most difficult of times”. Javier Alfonso – Project Manager at Globant “Natalia was a joy to work with. I had the honor of training Natalia in an Enterprise Project Management Office environment supporting 1500 active members and staff in an IT Customer Help Desk role supporting the Niku/Clarity project management software. Natalia was very knowledgeable working in a business environment. Natalia's ability to learn many in-house business processes and terminologies quickly made my job as her instructor easy and a lot of fun”.. Jimmy Proffit – Information Technology and Services Professional at Worldspan
  9. 9. Get in touch Visit my website and get to know my services: Like my Facebook Page: Follow me on twitter: @Natilety