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World structure v2


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World structure v2

  1. 1. Draft 2,Material for Discussion13.06.2013Ivanyuk Natallia
  2. 2. World StructureLevel Aspects Legislature ExecutivegovernmentJudicialgovernmentFeedbackConstitutivegovernment(name?)World 1.Economical2.Political3.Social4.Soul5.Personal6.Time7.Ecological8.Cosmological9. Science10.Cultureand History11. Education12.Balance/control1 IMF union withWTO2 growth of NATOand union withRussia and etc.3.Growth of Councilof Europe4.?5.?6.?7.WWF and workwith 1. and 2.8 Intelsat (?)9. ?10. ? 11. ?12.?1 .2. growth of EUand union withArab League, USA,UNASUR and etc.3.?4.?5.?6.?7. Greenpeace8.CommitteeonSpaceResearch—COSPAR9.?10.?11.?12. ?1 UN2 UN3. ICPO4. ?5.?6.?7. UNEP8. European SpaceAgency growth9.?10.?11.?12.? andsomeof thisexamples12….Unions &CoalitionsEU, Arab League,NATO, SCO and etc.EU, Arab League,IMF, Union duMaghreb arabe,MediterraneanUnion, UNASUR,SCO and etc.EU and etc. EU, OSCE and etc.CountriesAccording the ideas of John Locke and Montesquieu + feedback
  3. 3. Why such organizations Existing experience and results in spheres where work Existing “weight” in the international level Tasks and goals what organizations declare Ambitions of growth Economical, social and etc. possibilities to changeAccording the ideas of John Locke and Montesquieu:Legislature, Executive and Judicial independent on each other
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