ACI Program Retreat Newcomer Presentation


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ACI Program Retreat Newcomer Presentation

  1. 1. ACI Program RetreatOur Purpose:To create a dynamic agenda that responds to the emerging needs of our conferenceparticipantsWhat will be focusing on?The 144 ninety minute sessions that will be offered Wednesday-FridayOutcomes:Positive outcomes of the retreat are dependent upon our success in:• Building a sense of community and ownership• Being inclusive – not exclusive• Experiencing a creation, not a competition
  2. 2. ACI Program RetreatA Few Ground Rules:• Differences and disagreements need to be managed in positive and mutually respectful ways• To ensure the confidentiality of our proposed presenters, and out of respect for their work, committee members are expected to consider all proposals with respect and conduct proposal discussion and review with discretion.• Focus should be at the retreat- please leave your work behind• Please limit wireless access to retreat business only during working hours
  3. 3. ACI Program RetreatSurvival Tips (from those who have seen it all):PreparationWork Life:Get as caught up on their work as possible, so that you can really focus on the retreatduring our 48 hours together. So, best preparation, is get caught up at work and then leaveit behind! The more we have full focus and attention, the better.Retreat Prep: Review proposals and related materials (evaluations, etc.)• Most important: Proposals that will be covered in your working group (come ready to talk).• Second most important: Proposals that are not in your group, but in which you have strong subject area knowledge. This is the most effective way to weigh in with subject matter that has gone to another group.• Review electronic resources posted at: Note: Additional resources will be provided onsite via flash drives and hardcopy resources
  4. 4. ACI Program RetreatSurvival Tips (from those who have seen it all):What to Expect:• Bring your laptop! Most participants find great value in using the proposal spreadsheet on their own machines. You can also load resources for easy access.• Lots of work; lots of really good interaction with colleagues; lots of work; time to relax and enjoy each other; lots of work.• Very casual atmosphere (dress comfortably).• Very respectful atmosphere. We respect each participant from what they bring (and for the load of work they’ve left behind). We respect each proposer for taking the time to submit.• Not a proposal driven process. Participant/proposal driven. Content will be generated at retreat.
  5. 5. ACI Program RetreatPrimary Outcomes (Agenda/Proposals/Track Leaders):1. Create confernence agenda by identifying: • 144 sessions; Tracks to emerge during retreat. Tracks can be 9, 6 or 3 sessions. Each working group has been allocated a session total (pg. 3) • Tracks to each have with at least one extra session (in case of fall offs) • New and repeat presenters (goal of 40% new)2. Design the agenda to include basic, intermediate, advanced/cutting edge content3. Establish an agenda that represents and responds to regional and national audiences4. Review proposals fairly, and in the end, allow for status to be communicated to each proposal’s submitter5. Identify track leaders who embrace and understand the responsibilities of track development
  6. 6. ACI Program RetreatRetreat Documentation via ACI Proposal Database:• Session intent is clearly defined• Document proposal discussion and suggested modifications• Ensures each proposal has a final status at the end of the retreat (accepted, rejected, modified or merged)• Documents the development of tracks
  7. 7. ACI Program RetreatHow do we categorize the proposals?Educational Presentation Categories:• 1-2 Day Short Course• 4-Hour Workshop• 90-Minute Session• PosterDeveloping the 144 sessions that make up the agenda is thepriority of the retreat. However, 1-2 day short course and 4hour workshop proposals may be reviewed if time permits.
  8. 8. ACI Program RetreatAlso in the Rooms:Whole Group Facilitator: Leads “whole group” and “WALL” discussions - Ben AdamsGroup Leaders:Facilitates working group discussions and represents group during “whole group” discussions.Scribes: Documents the status, discussion and resolution of proposals and sessions. Scribes will be assignedto each working group for the duration of the retreat. They will be the only members of the group withaccess to the ACI proposal database.ACI Staff: One staff member will be assigned to provide additional support to, including participation, eachworking group. Staff members will also be able to step into the scribe role when needed.- Building Systems: Keith Aldridge; Nate Natale; Coby Rudolph- Business of Home Energy: Kyle Haddock; Amy Fazio; Robyn Hall- Diagnostics, Audits, & Ratings: Courtney Moriarta; Carla Maxwell; Kerry DuMond- Leading the Way: Jen Amman & Linda Wigington; Janet Lowe; Bethany Dittmar- Program Design, Implementation, & Evaluation: Elizabeth Chant; Eric Coffman; Diane Houser
  9. 9. ACI Program RetreatWhat We Expect from Our Process:• The results of the retreat reflect the expertise and perspectives of all participants who contribute to proposal submissions and reviews• The retreat provides an opportunity to develop a greater sense of community among participants• The retreat is a positive experience and is inclusive of all participants and staff• One hundred percent of the retreat participants feel that their time was productively spent and their opinions valued
  10. 10. ACI Program RetreatQuestions?Nate NataleDirector of Programsnnatale@affordablecomfort.org412-424-0041