Speedflow presentation 2010


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Creativity, Competence and Quality
are the main principles of our work.

Having built the company on these simple principles we are
growing and developing, rejoicing our clients and partners,
anticipating their requests and we enjoy everything we do.

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Speedflow presentation 2010

  1. 1. About us Speedflow Communications Ltd We aspire to be of good service for each of our partners Main activities’ directions: wholesale and corporate voice transit innovative VoIP services development and implementation software for VoIP business process automation
  2. 2. About us Voice transit turnover growth (minutes) 40000000 35000000 30000000 25000000 2007 20000000 2008 2009 15000000 10000000 5000000 0 January February March April May June July August September October November December
  3. 3. Partners Our partners are leading operators of international VoIP business, including Ibasis, USA Tata Communications, Great Britain Сorbina Telecom, Russia Asia Telecom, Hong Kong Telecom Italy, Italy Verscom, Turkey KDDI, Japan Verizon, USA and many others
  4. 4. Clients
  5. 5. Services We offer: Transit for telecom operators Direct routes Competitive prices Billing access to control directions’ work Premium VoIP-connection for corporate subscribers High-quality connection Per second billing Installation services
  6. 6. Services We offer: DID-numbers for corporate subscribers Direct numbers for you to choose from more than 50 countries Competitive prices FREE testing Collocation and servers rent in Frankfurt, Germany
  7. 7. Products We offer following software for VoIP sphere:
  8. 8. Products MediaCore Softswitch - Linux Based Solution for VoIP traffic routing and billing with: flexible, easily adjustable dynamic routing; SIP – H.323 convertor; transcoding – support of all VoIP codecs; billing system; Guardian — the monitoring system of quality connection; VoIP Trouble Ticket Automatic System (NOC TT); real-time reporting about each active call. MediaCore Softswitch was checked with Protos Test-Suite: c07-h2250v4.
  9. 9. Products VoIPBilling could be implemented into any softswitch; allows to carry out detailed analysis of each call, provider or destination; sets different credit limits depending on partner status; invoices accounting made out by traffic vendors; generates and sends invoices to traffic buyers.
  10. 10. Products CallMax CallMax is a softswitch with static routing designed for VoIP traffic retail. Solution for pre-paid services based on its own refilling codes’ generating system. Provides VoIP services for local area networks.
  11. 11. Products AccuCore – complex Accounting and Financial Analysis software for all VoIP business processes: automatic invoice generation; bank & cash subsystem; balance accounting for each customer; statistic reports (more than 50 formats); mail-sender subsystem; NOC Trouble Ticket automatic system; automatic import & export VoIP price-lists.
  12. 12. Products Pay-n-Get – processing system for making payments for IP telephony, Internet, cable television and other pre-paid services. Allo, Eurotel, Avansel, PayPort - major Ukrainian mobile communication retail chains and electronic payment operators use Pay-n-Get. The speed of Pay-n-Get System 4-6 transactions per second. Transactions can go through mobile POS- terminals or with Win-terminals - Windows based application. Pay-n-Get allows selling top-up codes directly from the main server storage instantly and safely!
  13. 13. Products MobiGlobe – a unique VoIP solution for mobile phones Step 1. Mobiglobe is a thin chip which is adhered to your mobile phone SIM Card. Step 2. You dial international phone number from your mobile phone. Step 3. Mobiglobe chip recognizes and automatically routes the call into VoIP provider’s access number. Step 4. Your call is routed via IP telephony which essentially reduces your expenses. MobiGlobe safes up to 70% on international calls!
  14. 14. Products All our software is developed by the team of talented engineers, programmers and designers and tested in real-life environment in our own department of transit VoIP services
  15. 15. Creativity. Competence. Quality Creativity, Competence and Quality are the main principles of our work We generate innovative solutions; permanently broaden the range of our products and services because we are CREATIVE We are confident that our new developments can solve your daily tasks efficiently, because we are COMPETENT We always overcome our partners’ expectations because QUALITY is our main priority Having built the company on these simple principles we are growing and developing, rejoicing our clients and partners, anticipating their requests and we enjoy everything we do.
  16. 16. Let’s grow together! • Close and effective cooperation with partners is a guarantee of successful development of telecommunication market nowadays. • Each new partner is a new stimulus for our software and services improvement. • Cooperating with us allows our partners to achieve new goals. • We enjoy doing our work and want to share our achievements with you! • Let’s grow together!
  17. 17. Contacts Speedflow Communications Limited E-mail: info@speedflow.com Web: http://www.speedflow.com Office Phone: +44 (203) 0 265 765 +44 (203) 0 265 865 +38 (048) 777 00 77