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Top Summer Holiday 2013 Jewellery Trends


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Get the latests summer fashion trends for 2013 here. Want to know what jewellery to wear this year? What ever outing you are planning, you can find the best jewellery to wear here in this handy guide.

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Top Summer Holiday 2013 Jewellery Trends

  1. 1. Top SummerHoliday 2013JewelleryTrends.
  2. 2. Not long now ladies and youwill be able to ditch the humdrum routine of everyday lifeand leap into the arms of yourlong awaited summer holiday.No matter where you go orwhat you do the aim is torelax and feel good.Here are some summerholiday scenarios and theperfect jewellery to match!
  3. 3. Sauntering Sexily On TheBeachSun, sea, sand and super sexy jewellery! Go for bright colours like electric blueand hot pink that will make that wellearned tan stand out from the crowd
  4. 4. Less Is More. Colourful wrap aroundleather bracelets lookperfect when teamed withshorts and a T-shirtIf you are on a bikini clad beach missiontry African style tribal jewellery with boldwooden geometric earrings and woodenbangles
  5. 5. Festival FrolicsHappy, smiley dancing ladies still need summer jewellery! You simply cannot go wrong here by parading around insome stunning fashion jewellery Try a modern twist on retro with chunky resinnecklaces in colours such as green and white
  6. 6. Pop Out For A PicnicLounging in green meadows with thetaste of sweet strawberries lingeringon your tongue and sparkling stonesadorning your neckline..ahh bliss Choose necklaces adorned withbrightly coloured semi preciousgem stones or answer the call tothe wild by wearing a uniqueanimal ring and matching earrings
  7. 7. Vintage Vixen In The FrenchRivieraGo all Grace Kelly -or asyou may have known her-The Princess of Monaco andooze summer style withsome vintage jewellery Art deco earrings lend toa chic nostalgia and lookgreat with a vintage updo
  8. 8. Wine Bar Wandering Nothing so sublime as wanderingin the late afternoon sun fromwine bar to wine bar in a faraway and distant land Try some vintage jewellery toadd a classic edge to thatdaytime summer look that youwill surely take into night time asyou sample the regional wines Wear anything made frommarcasite to add instant chic
  9. 9. Bold And Brash If you wish to make more of astatement to the locals thensplash out on a big brash goldknuckleduster ring. Yesjewellery has got bigger andbolder this year if that’spossible! Despite what itsounds like, these can be trulyclassy if done like Balenciaga
  10. 10. Cocktails And ClubbingTribal dancing and neon pink cocktails in clubs after sunset This summer it is all about bold statements and blocks oftantalising colours good enough to turn into cocktails.Welcome back African jewellery! With their streamlinedgeometric patterns and striking colours they add an exoticand playful touch to any summer outfit from beach to bar.Guaranteed to get you noticed on the dance floor!
  11. 11. Dinner Date In Paradise Your man has already shinned up atree to get you the very coconut youdesired and now he is taking you todinner at the best restaurant on theisland, just as the sun sets- well, wecan dream cant we? To show off your tan on the very lastevening wear light neutral colourssuch as almond or crisp white andfinish off the look with a playfulpastel piece of jewellery. Whether itis costume jewellery or boho chic,light blues, pinks or sweet lemon canadd a subtle pop to a relaxed, classiclook