Living Room Ideas For 2014


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Find here some great ideas for living room ideas in 2014. Here I have looked at a lot of up and coming trends that are likely to kick off in 2014.
Learn about what to look at doing this year with your lounge.

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Living Room Ideas For 2014

  1. 1. Living Room Ideas For 2 014
  2. 2. Introduction • The living room is a great room in a house that has a lot of opportunity for various different uses: As a music room • A club room • A library or reading room • A lounge • Working space • • Here we have some great ideas and trends for you and your living room in 2014. Lets look at how you can spruce up your lounge this year…
  3. 3. Walls & Colour in 2014
  4. 4. Colour Schemes • Think bright and think bold. Chameleon Colour schemes are likely to hit it off this year with bright colours against bold backgrounds.
  5. 5. Wall Murals • Spruce up your lounge with some funky wallpaper designs and a wall mural in 2014. • Feature wallpaper and statement wall pieces are in this year for making a great focal point in your living room.
  6. 6. More Statement Wall Pieces..
  7. 7. Sofa Trends in 2014
  8. 8. Rich Fabrics For 2014 • Its time to leave behind those simple and plain fabrics and really get stuck in with luxurious geometric fabrics, velvet, suede and textured corduroy. • Geometric patterns have become popular on fashion runways for 2014 so upholstery fabrics and wallpapers are also likely to follow in the same trend this year.
  9. 9. Mix & Match Fabrics & Patchwork • Leather sofas are a thing of the past. Fabric sofas are an in trend for 2014 creating fun and vibrant patterns in your living room.
  10. 10. Fabric Sofas • There’s nothing like designing a piece of furniture to suit your living room. • A sofa can really help to change the focal point in a room and help to make an emphasis on the style your going for. • The fabric sofas you can see to the right (also known as Buzz sofas) are a great idea for helping your living room fit on trend in 2014 by using several shades of colour to create a layered look.
  11. 11. Sofa Styles • Corner Sofas – Not only do they help to fill the space, they are also comfy to sit on. This style in particular is simple and ultra modern. Mix up the fabrics and colours to get the mix and match fabric trend for 2014. • The snuggle chair – ideal to share with your partner. • Fabric arm chairs are a great way to add a little something extra to your living room this year.
  12. 12. Accessories & Storage For 2014
  13. 13. Storage Shelves & Units • You can use various cupboards and shelving units to create some unusual shapes and designs to frame your television or make a focal point in the room. • Units within the living room have become more popular in furniture design for 2014.
  14. 14. Sculptural Artwork • • Fanned Leaf Spray Wall Art Sculptural artwork really helps to add dimension to your wall interiors. A statement piece in the living room over a fireplace will make a great focal point to your room this year.
  15. 15. Lighting Ideas • More and more wall lights and hanging lights can be found in DIY stores and lighting center's this year with some unusual designs and interesting shapes appearing.
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