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Amenu Kpodo

  1. 1. Future Role of the UWI Library In the National Information System Presented by: Norma Amenu-Kpodo UWI, Library November 23, 2007
  2. 2. Introduction Forecasting the future is a very risky business to engage in, but I am emboldened by the thought that Libraries will continue to do what they have done in the past, collecting organizing, making accessible and preserving information for the benefit of society.
  3. 3. Introduction contd. Advances in technology have put new tools in our hands for doing what we do with greater efficiency and effectiveness. To the extent that we use the tools sensibly, our various roles in the network can only be enhanced, providing of course, that commitment levels remain high.
  4. 4. Background The UWI is a regional institution with campuses in Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. It how has an Open Campus that serves the needs of 12 non- campus territories and distance students, many of which are in Jamaica. Despite its regional base, specific provisions for the UWI and its Library to participate in the National Network have been made.
  5. 5. Library’s Mission Statement To serve as the intellectual hub of the University Mona Campus and its wider community by providing vital information in support of Learning, Teaching, Reflection and Research.
  6. 6. University’s Strategic Plan 2007 - 2012 Speaks to strengthening national engagement processes as the institution seeks to be more visible in demonstrating its relevance and impact in relation to national needs and priorities
  7. 7. The UWI Library , Mona Campus 7
  8. 8. Library’s Web Page Visit us at: Medical Library: Science Library: UWI Library (Mona) 8 © 2007
  9. 9. New Integrated System • ALEPH 500 is a complete, integrated system which streamlines the management of library processes for both staff and patrons. • Modules include Web, Circulation, Cataloging, Serials, Acquisitions, and SDI • Provides statistical analyses. 9
  10. 10. Databases (in-house) • CARDIN (Caribbean Disaster Information Network) • CAREN (Caribbean Environment Net Work) • Medcarib • Mona Online Research Database • West Indiana 10
  11. 11. Databases (Commercial) Biomed Central  • EbscoHostResearch Databases (including EbscoHost Research Databases (including Academic Search premier) Academic Search premier)  Emerald Insight •  First Search First Search •  JSTOR HINARI • Emerald Insight STN International  • JSTOR Proquest  • MathSciNet Web of Science – Science Citation Index • Medline HINARI Proquest Web of Science – Science Citation Index WestLaw 11
  12. 12. Publications Research for Development, 1998, 2003, 2006
  13. 13. MORD –Mona Online Research Database 13
  14. 14. Special Services VISTAS Information Literacy Distance Students Preservation and Conservation
  15. 15. VISTAS • Appropriate technology is used to aid access to materials for the visually impaired user. • A Special Room for visually impaired users, has been equipped with two computer workstations loaded with JAWS and Kurzweil software packages in the Main Library . • The Caribbean Digital Audio Collection is accessible from this room(CDAC). 15
  16. 16. Information Literacy Is the ability to locate, evaluate and use information effectively from a variety of sources to meet an information need. The University serves not only its students but has outreach activities in schools and is presently involved in a UNESCO project at the Guys Hill High School 16
  17. 17. Distance Students A distance learner’s home page is accessible at: rs.html or from a link on the Library’s homepage available at: 17
  18. 18. Preservation and Conservation • Acquisition of software (Content DM) for digitising and indexing some of its valuable collections. • Receipt of a grant from CHASE to purchase electronic equipment that facilitates automation of the lettering process in the Library Bindery. 18
  19. 19. Challenges for UWI • Lack of adequate resources to : -increase access to resources for a growing student population. -enrich collection resources with key discipline- critical databases, e- journals, e- books -ensure continuity and sustainability of relevant subscriptions – develop and expand our digital programme 19
  20. 20. Areas Needing Improvements In the National Network • Some networks have been more zealous in forging ahead, than others but all are under- resourced and need assistance to move forward faster to the next level. • There is need to work at what is often referred to as the ‘buy in’ where every librarian believes that contributing to the National Information System is a good thing, that it will empower their nation, their institution, their clientele and themselves
  21. 21. Areas Needing Improvement in Challenges for UWI the National Network contd. contd. • On going dissemination and implementation of high professional standards areas like cataloguing, indexing, serial management is needed to provide a consistent framework for maintaining quality throughout the network . • Delivery of quality outputs will help to improve access and promote a positive image of the network, where people will tend to gravitate towards network services.
  22. 22. Future Role of UWI Network 1 • The first priority will be to strengthen the University Libraries network to better position it for participation in a national information network . • The UWI will play a more active role in ACNIS informing of changes that have taken place in the UWI Library system and sensitizing the Advisory body to those from which the network could benefit
  23. 23. UWIUWI Network Future Role of role contd contd. 2 • Provide short attachments in the UWI Library system, to fill a particular need as recommended by ACNIS • Partner with network members in digital projects that involve the preservation of valuable Jamaican cultural records in any medium.
  24. 24. Role of UWI Library contd Future Role of UWI Network contd. 3 • Foster Electronic resource sharing or access through consortium agreements • Increase Interlibrary lending and document delivery activities • Make widely available the Research output of UWI through MORD
  25. 25. UWI LIBRARIES Role contd Future Role of UWI Network contd. 4 • Share professional expertise in areas where the University Libraries have strength e.g. Cataloguing, Information Literacy, Serials Management, West Indiana • Collaborate with the National Library and other networks in the development of unique Jamaican collections .
  26. 26. Other areas of cooperation are being explored and as these come on stream, it is envisaged that the role of the University libraries in the network will be strengthened and expanded Thank You ! END