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Workshop 2 physical


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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Workshop 2 physical

  1. 1. Workshop 02Speed Dating+Rapid Modeling=Model Dating
  2. 2. GOALTo generate ideas about the purposeof our network.
  3. 3. METHOD 1Speed datingSpeed dating as a design activity, is similarto the familiar social process. In design, it isa method for talking and exchanging ideaswith each other, moving from one person toanother, for a certain amount of time.
  4. 4. Here are some main points to remember:- Be patient and listen- Speak clearly- Be open to new ideas
  5. 5. Speed dating
  6. 6. METHOD 2Rapid modelingIt is a method to visualize your ideas, quicklyand intuitively using basic everyday items,as way to express and discuss each othersconcepts.
  7. 7. Here are some main points to remember:- Interpret through making- Don’t be hypercritical of what you make, just express yourself- The more creative the better
  8. 8. Rapid modeling
  9. 9. Step 1:Writing activity - 3 Mystery questions.
  10. 10. Respond to all of the mystery questions,to be revealed during the workshop.
  11. 11. Step 2:Meet your first dateExchange and discuss your writtenresponse with your date.
  12. 12. Step 3:Interpret your date’s responsevisually, through modeling.
  13. 13. Use the materials around you to creativelyexpress and represent your vision for yourpartner’s ideas.
  14. 14. Remember, this is quick activity, sothe form doesn’t have to be “perfect.”
  15. 15. Step 4:Discuss the artifacts and refinethe responses.After you are done modeling,present your interpretationand discuss your artifacts.
  16. 16. Be open to your partner’s interpretationand welcome the abstract vision!
  17. 17. Listen and be able to explain yourconcept for what ever you made.
  18. 18. Expand your ideas and refine your response.
  19. 19. GOALThrough these activities, you will helpcreate a shared vision for our network.