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Investment consultancy in Ukraine Liudmyla Ginner

  1. Liudmyla Ginner July 2015
  2. MAJOR CONSTRAINTS FOR THE INVESTMENT IN UKRAINIAN FARMLAND LOCAL SPECIFICS • access to local authorities and good contacts with villages • agricultural knowledge: crop rotation and growth • local staffing, management, and control – multiple cases of fraud SOLUTION On-going support of the long-term investment by the independent third party with • strong local expertise • network in formal and informal circles • experience in analysis of “arrangements” on siphoning off/theft of assets; reveal of shady counteragents, non-standard business or financial transactions
  3. SSC KIEV INVESTMENT CONSULTANCY Independent investigation Technical due diligence of acquisition targets Multipurpose marketing analysis Strategy verification and assessment Structuring and composition of business plans Analysis and evaluation of competitors business models Organization and structuring company`s financials according to international IFRS, GAAP standards Additional Services for: private investors, investment funds, equity holders our company guarantees 100% confidentiality and non-disclosure of information obtained in the course of cooperation
  4. In the course of a financial investigation our expertise enables to establish: Objective picture of the company’s financial performance  Accuracy of financial and management statements presented to the owner  Objective information on the condition of land bank, validity of leases and their registration in Urban Planning and Land Commission  Deals closed on knowingly disadvantageous terms to the personal benefit of staff  Usage of budget and financing not as initially intended  Unauthorized payments  Purchase of inexistent services  Overstated inputs prices and understated product prices
  5. THE EXPERTISE: Liudmyla Ginner 30 years of experience in operational and financial areas on all levels from single-production units to large multi-national corporations; strong network within state, non-governmental and private institutions; unique on Ukrainian market; focused on successful long-term investment strategy; based on principles of honesty, responsibility and commitment to the common value; Among the partners are SGRF, SSC, large private investors (non- disclosed)*. *references available upon request
  6. WHY to INVEST in UKRAINIAN FARMLAND • 25% of the world “black soil” - 32.5 m ha of arable land • typical farm unit size of 5,000 ha+ (5 times the EU average) leads to economies of scale • Ukraine is world largest exporter of sunflower oil and one of the biggest exporters of corn, barley and wheat
  7. FARMLAND IS AN ASSET THAN OVEPERFORMS ANY REAL ESTATE CLASS Resource: Savills Research and publicly available data
  8. population will reach 10bn till 2050 farmland will be in deficit to feed increasing number of people Resource: United Nations
  9. GLOBAL FARMLAND PRICES Resource: Bloomberg
  10. Resource: World Bank
  11. Resource: Fisher and Shan 2010
  12. Ukraine could potentially boost its grain production to 130-180M tons per annum or 3x current production levels and become the world’s largest grain exporter
  14. • De-facto indefinite ban on sale of agricultural land: • Moratorium specifies that it can’t be lifted “until the adoption of law on turnover of agricultural land but no earlier than 2016”. • Average size of land plot is 4ha; • All fields, except for those with state property, are divided into small plots, often with number of deceased owners; • Average rent is $50 per hectare. REGULATIONS
  15. WE CAN HELP YOU TO USE THIS OPPORTUNITY! THANK YOU Liudmyla Ginner Anastasia Gutsol