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Глобальная платформа Truth Central представляет собой цикл тематических исследований, запускающихся одновременно в нескольких странах мира. Включает в себя фокус-группы с продвинутой аудиторией (trend setters), выявление инсайтов (unspoken truths) и гипотез для последующих количественных исследований.
"Truth about smart Moms" - пилотный локальный проект, реализованный командой McCann Erickson Kazakhstan при поддержке редакции журнала "Домашний Очаг / Казахстан".

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Thruth about smart Moms

  1. 1. TruthAboutSmartMoms XI FACTS
  2. 2. What is Truth Central?The global thought leadership unit of McCann, dedicated to discovering the truths that illuminate the world and help brands make their mark in it
  3. 3. 6 global Truth Studies released so far
  4. 4. About this studyGlobally: In Kazakhstan:6800 online quantitative survey of online Pilot Focus group discussion with expertmoms, Moms in partnership with “Good Housekeep-conducted in the UK, US, Italy, Japan, Brazil, ing Kazakhstan/Domashniy Ochag” magazine.China, India and Mexico,40 focus groups conducted in all the abovemarkets plus Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, Singa-pore, Taiwan and Thailand.
  5. 5. Who are Smart Moms?
  6. 6. Our ParticipantsLera Reshetnyak, Dasha Avdeyeva, Zaure Uvalieva, Diana Snegina, Assel Jabassova,Blogger, Co-Founder of Blogger, Photographer Radio & TV MC, Editor-in-Chief of “Do-Photographer (Handmade) active in Social Net- mashniy Ochag”, works Co-Author of Henriette blog Founder of Almaty Garage Sale
  7. 7. And here is what we found
  8. 8. #1 Moms are women first In the 21st century, beauty for women is ‘non-negotiable’83Belive there are higher standards of beauty todaythan there were in the past % Philippines, 40S: «Times are tough but that doesn’t mean being beautiful is negotiable»
  9. 9. For Asian women beauty means success Nearly 70% of women globally think In China, parents that being beautiful helps them get encourage high school what they want out of life, and thegirls to get surgery as areward for good grades same number believe that the re-and as a means of top- lationship between happiness andping up their chances of beauty is directly proportional. 93% getting better jobs and of women said they felt more con- attracting a better looking man. fident overall when they knew they looked beautiful.
  10. 10. #2. Today Moms role evolved from Gatekeeper to GamechangerIn past mother was supposed Now, when mothers areto be soft & nice for outside equipped with technologyworld, while strict & discipli- they are the one who drivenarian for kids inside family. family transformation Mary Poppins GATEKEEPER GAME-CHANGER
  11. 11. For Asian countries women put a first priority on self- actualization vs. family & KidsTraditionally, the role of It is also true for Kazakh-being a mum involved stan, new middle classsacrificing her ‘self’ for mums across the regionher husband and are increasingly coming tofamily. Now they are dif- motherhood later and after having successful workingferent and are putting lives when they were able tothemselves as their first spend most of the twentiespriority. focusing on themselves.
  12. 12. Kazakhstan: Perception of Momsrole is different from global due to Soviet Union heritageIn Soviet Union women were Today, women can choosesupposed to work equally role-model that is more com-with men – they did not have fortable to her: to stay homea choice to dedicate herself to and be full-time mother, orkids and family continue build her career, run her own project and so on
  13. 13. #3. Moms want to save her identity For Kazakhstan, simi- larly with multiple Today women have Asian countries, multiple desires: success- Moms are con- ful career, hobby, her own cerned more business, travelling. They want with introspec- be successful, bringing prof- tive questions its to her company and be good mother – which is hard to com- like “ who am bine because of lack of time. I and what do This drives internal conflict of I want” 47% of interests, which eats me Chinese young from inside women agree with the statement above (to compare, only 34% of their male friends ques- tioning themselves ) Anyhow, despite of the role Mom chooses for herself, she doesn’tZaure Uvalieva want to become “just a mom”, losing her identity
  14. 14. #4. Moms want to be a friend Globally 61% of moms want their children to think of them as a friend. Study in Asian countries reveals that Moms are more likely to agree with statement: “I want to be a good role model, and if nec- essary, I will hide bits of myself or my behavior InKazakh- that I don’t want my children to see” stan we asked: “In 20 years from In reality, what now, if your kids were they often want is to be seen as asked to describe their playmates and Mom, what would you life partners, like to hear?”Assel: “I’d because having like to hear one or two chil- dren means more that Mom was their emphasis friend” on making sure there is a close rela-Assel Jabassova tionship.
  15. 15. #5. Wealthy, happy or successful? Across the globe, including Kazakhstan*, moms prioritize Happiness vs. Success or Wealth: being asked to chose 1 out of 3, 83% of moms replied “Happiness” 100% 90%From U .S. to C hina 80% 70%moms t oday a re unified 60% Happyby one simple thi ng: 50% Successful 40%They want to r aise 30% Rich 20%happy kid s 10% 0% ITALY UK JAPAN US BRAZIL MEXICO GLOBAL CHINA INDIA The challenge for today’s Asian mum is ensuring that they are doing everything they can to see their family succeed in an aggressive world. In Singapore, mums also wish happiness for their children. But their definition of ‘happiness’ is slightly differ- ent. While global moms wish to instill their children with values such as ‘respectful’, ‘honest’ and ‘smart’ to become happy, Singaporean mums value “happiness through success” as one of the most important factors.
  16. 16. Do you think it is pos- sible to be “Supermom”?having perfectly clean, stylish & cozy housecooking delicious foodorganizing dinner partiesalways ‘perfect’ appearance of herself, her husbandand kidspaying attention to education of kids and their de-velopmentcontrolling health of family membersplanning activities for weekends and holidaysetc.
  17. 17. Globally Moms are rejecting idea of “Supermom” 65% of moms don’t believe in the myth of “Supermom”Instead, 71% of Moms want their kids to know “real me” with all possible short- comings and character defects
  18. 18. #6. Technology is a first tool for mums Those under 35 cannot remember life without the latest phones and access to online advice.And so the new technologies become the aid to mapping out life’s options. Of course, she looks for tips on life from the sources that offer relevance. They are also more likely to use their mobile devices to shop – over 70% of moms who have smart phones told us they use them while shopping.
  19. 19. #7. Dream apps to make life better While numerous smart moms are tied to their smartphones, Kazakhstan market is limited in terms of applications offer. Trend- setters are ready to buy paid apps, however, locally produced apps lack quality and functional- ity, whereas international “bestsellers” are often I love every- useless for our re- gion. thing from Apple.I have absolutely every- Success of col- thing in my phone. Same ap- lective buy- plies to MacBook – it has my ing services in Almaty is a notifications, some e-books, demonstration Skype; all in one. I can’t imag- of the fact that ine how people used to live people have without it. It is my all technical re- quirements ready magic wand. to start using (and paying) for technolo-Diana Snegina gies improving their life
  20. 20. #8. Technology unites moms and kidsWhen it comes to and your child using technology together, do you do any of the following?In Kazakhstan, usage of technology varies from goals that parents establish: forsome of them use gadgets as opportunity to develop child skills, for someone itis a means to develop a taste of a kid, and others would see technology just asanother toy
  21. 21. #9. Technology instead of chocolate I have a problem making my daughters to clean their room. In these cases I tell them that after cleaning they can play their game on PC I used toZaure Uvalieva use this methodFor today’s wired children, technology is but realized thata source of happiness. Moms are given it’s going to bringa great opportunity to strategically use situation too fartechnology as a reward. Nowadays,moms are more than twice as likely to and it’s not righttreat their children with technology than Diana Sneginawith chocolate.
  22. 22. #10. Google and blogs instead of grandma’s adviseNearly 40% of online moms around the world say they write a blog.
  23. 23. On-line community is a place, where Moms are trading in the cur- rencies of advice and ideas, and realigning the values of the next generation. Mom is very limited during first year of her child to her small cir- cle of communication. In Inter- net she can see experience and this is what blogs are made for., 15 years ago mom simply didn’t know that she can do something alterna- tive to what her mother taught. And now she can read a cou- ple of blogs and see alter- native methodsLera Reshetnyak
  24. 24. #11 Growing trend of getting something extraGlobally, 37% fell into the large consumer type called the ‘Savvy Shoppers’. Theyare people who are the most likely to sign up for store loyalty cards, and tradelimited personal and shopping behaviour data for special offers and rewards. Butin Asian markets, the number of people who fall into that group grows dramati-cally: Japan (60%), Hong Kong (54%).In Asian markets getting extra has become a normIn Kazakhstan, we observe a tremendous rise of collective buying (Coupon-based) services, which certainly teaches our ‘smart’ moms to search for betterdealsFact: when losing their wallet contemporary women feel sorry more about dis-count & loyalty cards rather than money or documents. Getting loyalty or dis-count cards has become a modern obsession of middle class consumers
  25. 25. 11 local Truths about Moms1. For Moms beauty is a way to success2. Mom transformed from gate-keeper to game-changer3. Moms are in search of self-identity4. Moms want to be friends with their kids5. Life goal for a child: to be happy6. Life needs tobe strategically managed7. Moms expecting dream apps to make life easier8. Majority of moms are sharing technology with kids9. Technology instead of chocolate as a motivation10. Google instead of “call to Mom”11. Bargaining is a new power (getting extra is a norm)
  26. 26. What about you?How do you cope with your career and family?Do you have any ‘life-simplifying’ secrets / technology?What do you need to be improved in products and services to make your lifemore comfortable?Where do you find expertise in parenting issues?Is there any application or technology that really simplify or improve your life?
  27. 27. Projected Launch: Projected Launch: Projected Launch: September 2012 November 2012 February 2013
  28. 28. For more information, please contact: Nastia Goncharova n.goncharova@mccann.kzTRUTH CENTRAL Darya Akhmetzhanova