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Music around us


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This is a presentation I did at school, it is about Music Around Us. There is a lot of information on it

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Music around us

  1. 1. Music is everywhere,<br />We use music at various events for many different reasons. Music makes us feel sad or happy depending on the style, the instruments and the speed. Music is an amazing tool that is all around us! <br />*** Please note- The pictures are hyperlinked to the YouTube website <br />they are from, you will only need to use this if the music doesn’t <br />play automatically. <br />Jess Bottomley <br />Music Around Us<br />
  2. 2. THE ICE CREAM MAN<br />Who could forget the ice-cream man?<br />The ice-cream song is high pitched, so it is very appealing for little children. This song it played loudly so it can be heard by all near. <br />This music is very distinct from other types of music as it is electronic and very high pitched.<br />This song is also very catchy, so people remember it so next time someone hears the music they immediately associate it with ice-cream.<br />
  3. 3. At the gym music is played loudly ,<br />This is to get people into the mood of working out , music is played with a steady beat for people to get into a rhythm while they are working out.<br />The music usually has a thick texture, with a base drum or a drum machine keeping the pulse of the music alive.<br />THE GYM<br />
  4. 4. At a carnival various music is played but in our mind we have this clique of carnival music.<br />This music is played loudly through out the grounds, it’s a goofy music that has a moderate tempo, although it is sometimes played fast.<br />This light airy sound creates a happy atmosphere. <br />CARNIVAL<br />
  5. 5. BALLET CLASS<br />In a ballet class, classical music is played. This music has a thin texture as only a piano is used. <br />The music is has a loud dynamic with a steady beat through out the whole song so the dancers can stay in time. There is a very thin texture in ballet music as only a piano plays, the tone colour is pianoforte.<br />
  6. 6. HORROR MOVIES<br />During horror movies, music is played during the scarier moments. This is to not only scare the viewer this style of music also helps to build tension.<br />This music is has a jumpy rhythm and usually has a loud bang that comes out of nowhere. In this instant, mainly strings are used to keep the piece simple and thin, however it does become thicker in the middle. The music becomes faster (accelerando) to build the tension. <br />