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Employee engagement

I prepared this PPT for adoption in TCG Hamilton, Gurgaon. This work has been appreciated by my mentor and colleagues. It can be implemented in an organization where most of the workforce are youth.
It's more of practical nature than that of theoretical. It can be used in organizations.

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Employee engagement

  1. 1. Nasir Perwez Intern TCG Hamilton Employee Engagement Activities
  2. 2.  We introduced ‘Fit for life’ with 2 objectives in mind. 1- To get all the scattered initiatives together under one umbrella and 2 – To drive fitness and well being in the employees of 12 2 – To drive fitness and well being in the employees of Wipro, company-wide.  This initiative will cover, health and well being facilities and initiatives which will include onsite health checks, de-stressing, WHO campaigns etc.
  3. 3. Games and Sports  Conducting games and sports both on intra and inter organization level keeps employees enthusiastic and engaged.  Employees take pride and attach them selves with the organization. A word of appreciation, “you have made us proud” gives employees a feeling that he/she is important part of the organization.
  4. 4. Award, leaders who have institutionalized best practices to engage, motivate and retain employees in their team. A stringent evaluation process needs to be followed before the final awardees are chosen.
  5. 5. Kids @ TCG Hamilton All parents who want to give their child a new experience. TCG Hamilton can make this easier for parents working in TCG Hamilton. It can introduce one session a month for kids to learn something new & wonderful. Sessions on environmental consciousness, world games and easy cooking lessons could be the ideas.
  6. 6. Most common and popular programmes are family celebrations, picnics and festivals with fun events, themes and competitions like music, dance, quizzes, treasure hunt, sports and so on as a platform for families to bond with each other and the organization.
  7. 7. Optional holidays  Provides optional holidays to employees to be with their families. It refreshes employees and help them maintain balance between work and personal life.