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Ride on the Fast Track of Web with Ruby on Rails


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In July 2004 David Heinemeier Hansson aka dhh, a Danish programmer came up with a web application framework while building a project management tool named Basecamp. In 2012 it is now one of the fastest growing web frameworks in world. Tens of Thousands Rails applications like Basecamp, Twitter, Github, Groupon, and our own (in Bangladesh) and are live. Ruby on Rails (RoR) claims to be a breakthrough in lowering the barriers of entry to programming. Powerful web applications that formerly took months to develop can be produced now in a days. RoR is now official platform for many startup incubators.

This was presented in Basis Softexpo 2012 and arranged by Nascenia IT, the leading Ruby on Rails development company in Bangladesh.

Continuation of the slide will be found at :

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Ride on the Fast Track of Web with Ruby on Rails

  1. 1. Ride on the fast track of web Ruby on Rails
  2. 2. “Accumulated knowledge of the world to your fingertip”
  3. 3. “We are the mastersThey are the slaves”
  4. 4. 2.days.ago=>Thu, 23 Feb 2012 14:11:45 EST -05:00‘fuad bin omar’.capitalize=>Fuad bin omar‘fuad bin omar’.reverse=>ramo nib dauf‘fuad bin omar’.length=>13
  5. 5. +
  6. 6. Convention OverConfiguration
  7. 7. One Class Per TableClass User < ActiveRecord::Baseend
  8. 8. ValidationsClass User < ActiveRecord::Basevalidates_presence_of :login,:namevalidates_uniqueness_of :loginend
  9. 9. class User < ActiveRecord::Basehas_many :postsendclass Post< ActiveRecord::Basebelongs_to :userend
  10. 10. user = User.newuser.login = ‘fuad’ = ‘Fuad Omar’!user = =>‘fuad’, :name => ‘Fuad Omar’)!User.create!(:login => ‘fuad’,:name => ‘Fuad Omar’)
  11. 11. user = User.firstuser = User.find(12)user = User.find_by_name(‘Fuad’)posts = user.posts
  12. 12. user = User.find(12)posts =user.posts.where(‘created_at >’,7.days.ago)posts = posts.order(‘title‘)
  13. 13. user = User.find(1) = ‘Fuad Bin Omar’
  14. 14. Fuad Omar COO
  15. 15. 2,35,000
  16. 16. Fuad Omar COO