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Library publicity


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Published in: Education
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Library publicity

  1. 1. Library publicity
  2. 2. Publicity *Generating news about a product or service *Providing awareness for a product or service *The activity providing information about an entity *It mainly aimed to generating awareness *It is a form of communication
  3. 3. Definition William j , stantom “ publicity is any promotional communication regarding an organization”
  4. 4. Objective • To familiarize the org facilities • To attract user • To increase library user • To give awareness • To increase reading habits
  5. 5. Needs • It make non user into reader • It create an idea about library • It give attention to the library • It acting as a intermediary • It fulfill the gap between library and user
  6. 6. Library publicity methods • Media news paper T v radio magazine bill board poster direct mailing social medias
  7. 7. Programmers exhibitions quiz day celebration bulletin festival celebration debate
  8. 8. Other….. orientation user education display of new arrival lectures films drama
  9. 9. Seminar Presentations Games Writing contest Coaching
  10. 10. Thank you