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International Student Survey Report


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I designed and implemented an on-line student satisfaction survey, using statistical software (SPSS), I analyzed data, which provided insights on customer service opportunities and highlighted the department's current strengths.

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International Student Survey Report

  1. 1.          International  Students  Satisfaction  Survey     Report   Nargiza  Jedwab                 April,  2011    
  2. 2. Summary  The  international  student  satisfaction  survey  was  distributed  via  email  to  all  international  students  beginning  of  February  2011,  followed  by  three  reminder  emails.    The  response  rate  was  25  students  out  of  102.  This  report  contains  the  survey  data  and  the  original  questionnaire.    The  pie  charts  were  produced  using  Statistical  Package  for  the  Social  Sciences  software  (SPSS).  Had  the  response  rate  been  higher,  it  would  have  been  possible  to  produce  correlation  tables  and  observe  different  relationships  between  questions.  For  example,  we  would  observe  if  there  is  a  relationship  between  the  students’  length  of  stay  in  the  U.S.  and  their  perception  of  the  quality  the  International  Office  provides,  or  their  feelings  about  ISO,  events,  etc.      The  survey  can  be  found  at:    Survey:   • Aimed  at  measuring  the  international  student  satisfaction  with  the  following:   o Services  provided  by  the  international  office   o International  Program’s  website   o Events  organized  by  the  International  Student  Organization   o Perception  of  the  quality  of  academic  programs    In  addition,  the  survey  contains  international  students’  comments  and  suggestions.                    
  3. 3. International Student Satisfaction Survey Do not write your name, this survey is anonymous!We appreciate your participation in this survey. This survey will help us understand yourexperiences as a student at Kutztown University and will be used to improve the servicesoffered to international students. That is why your feedback is very important to us!Please return the survey to the International Office, 240 Stratton Administration Building.If you wish to discuss any aspect of the survey, please contact Robyn Apgar by or phone 484 646 4256.Please indicate your program of study. □ Intensive English Program (IEP) □ Undergraduate □ GraduateI. BEFORE ARRIVAL1. How did you hear about Kutztown University?2. How can we improve the International Programs Website?3. How would you rate the communication process with the International Officebefore coming to KU? □ Excellent □ Good □ AdequateDo you have any specific comments/suggestions?4. What were your concerns before your arrival at Kutztown University? □ Finances □ Where to stay □ Finding a job □ Language □ Culture change □ Being accepted into the program □ Other (please be specific)        
  4. 4. 5. Did you receive enough information and help before coming to KutztownUniversity? If not, what was lacking?II. ORIENTATION1. How would you rate the orientation program at KU? □ Excellent □ Good □ AdequateComments:2. How would you rate the materials you received at orientation? □ Excellent □ Good □ AdequateWhat do you think was missing?III. HOUSING1. Where did you stay during your studies at KU? □ On-campus dorm □ Off-campus dorm □ Shared a house □ Off-campus apartment (APEX) □ Non-KU owned residence2. Were you satisfied with your residence? □ Yes □ No (If you answered “No”, please comment below)IV. ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE1. How would you rate your program of study? □ Excellent □ Good □ AdequateComments:
  5. 5. 2. How would you rate the academic advising by your department? Please includethe reason(s) for your satisfaction or dissatisfaction. □ Excellent □ Good □ AdequateComments:V. ACTIVITIES1. Please list activities organized by the International Student Organization (ISO)that you enjoyed the most.2. What other activities do you think the ISO should organize?VI. MISCELLANEOUS.1. What do you like the most about Kutztown University?2. What were the most negative aspects of your experience at KU?3. How can we improve our process for future International Students?
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  7. 7.     7. Events students enjoyed attending.   Thanksgiving dinner International banquet ISO meetings 14%   19%   17%   29%   21%