All data models in dbms


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All data models in dbms

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  2. 2. Overview • Data • Information • Database • Data Model Types of Data Model 1. Record Base model • Relationship model • Network Model • Hierarchical Model 2.Entity Relationship Model 3.Object-Oriented Model
  3. 3. A data is known as the row fact which is stored in computers memory and used by the user as the output. Example-21. Data
  4. 4. Information Collection of data its called information. Example-House no 21C-S-1,Sch No 78 Indore
  5. 5. Database A collection of inter related data its called database.
  6. 6. Data Model A data model is a collection of concepts that can be used to describe the structure of a database.
  7. 7. Types of Data Models 1.Record Base model
  8. 8. Types of Data Models 1.Record Base model • A record based data model is used to specify the overall logical structure of the database. • Each record type defines a fixed no. of fields having a fixed length.
  9. 9. Relational model • In the relational model, data is organized in two-dimensional tables called relations.
  10. 10. Relations No Course-Name Unit CIS15 Intro to C 5 CIS17 Intro to Java 5 CIS19 UNIX 4 CIS51 Networking 5 Attributes Tuples
  11. 11. • Attributes. Each column in a relation is called an attribute. Relations • Tuples Each row in a relation is called a tuple. A tuple defines a collection of attribute values.
  12. 12. Network Model In the network model, the entities are organized in a graph, in which some entities can be accessed through several paths No Name ID Name Course No Name Unit ID Name DEPARTMENT COURSES STUDENTS PROFESSORS
  13. 13. Hierarchical Model The hierarchical data model organizes data in a tree structure
  14. 14. PROFESSORS No Name ID Name CourseNo Name Unit ID Name DEPARTMENT COURSES STUDENTS Hierarchical Model
  15. 15. 2.Entity Relationship Model • The E-R (entity-relationship) data model views the real world as a set of basic objects (entities) and relationships among these objects ER Model Basics •Entity •Entity Set •Attributes •Relationship
  16. 16. Entity • entity is a thing in the real world with an independent existance. and entity set is collection or set all entities of a particular entity type at any point of time.