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Storytelling For Onboarding With Caroline N. Sarnoff of Measures for Justice


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In our Storytelling for Onboarding webinar, Narativ CEO Jerome Deroy talks with special guest Caroline Sarnoff, Director of Outreach, Measures for Justice, about our work together on a story-based training program that we created for this disruptive data-science company. The conversation will highlight the kinds of information the training unearthed, its implementation and impact on new hires, and where MFJ plans to go in 2018 with story-based training.

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Storytelling For Onboarding With Caroline N. Sarnoff of Measures for Justice

  1. 1. Storytelling for Onboarding
  2. 2. Train new hires with stories from their peers
  3. 3. • 25 years of experience • Our method has proven measurable, transformative effect on teams, culture, and individuals • Key idea: listening and telling mutually influential • This means stories not only share knowledge - they move the conversation forward • All in our book: Powered by Storytelling in print April 27 Who we are
  4. 4. Pre-Order on Amazon
  5. 5. • Create membership messages that people can learn from • Real picture of what it’s like to work in your organization • Put knowledge-seekers (listeners) in a reciprocal dialogue with knowledge-originators (storytellers) Discussion Points
  6. 6. Discussion Points • Discover useful connections between seemingly unrelated knowledge assets • Replace costly and time consuming knowledge-sharing workshops • Iterate training based on emergent information • Transform data-heavy presentation into relatable, memorable story- content
  7. 7. Story Cycle
  8. 8. • Identify people with on-the-job experience • Hear directly from people who have knowledge to pass on • Coach knowledge holders in storytelling • Derive lessons from stories told • Follow up with new hires hearing about their experiences on the job • Create a cycle of learning of new knowledge seekers Implementation
  9. 9. • Tell what happened and direct people to stay away from feeling statements, abstractions, and jargon = creates clarity • Let the stories speak for themselves instead of pre-determine what you think your team needs to hear. • Connect the stories to each person’s role, clarifying for each member of the team who they are in relation to one another and how they can work better together. Implementation
  10. 10. We work in companies large and small to help identify, craft and share the stories that connect. Live in-person, online, and customized on demand instructional courses Contact us: Email: Phone: 212-268-4200 Website:
  11. 11. Measures For Justice Contact us: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @MforJ