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eTwinning project Let's do compost!


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Final presentation - what we have done, Osnovna škola Vladimira Nazora Pribislavec, Croatia, 2017/2018

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eTwinning project Let's do compost!

  1. 1. Let’s do compost! What we have done Small Ecologists (teacher Milica Vadlja, 3a) & eTwinners (teacher Iva Naranđa, 4a) eTwinning project 2017/2018 OŠ Vladimira Nazora Pribislavec, Croatia presentation created by Iva Naranđa
  2. 2. Short description The main idea of this project is to explain to our students the relation between composting and environmental protection. We want to raise awareness of the students, their parents and the local community about the importance of preservation of the environment and explain what composting is. Students will actively participate in compost production in the school during the school year. We believe that in that way students will understand the process of composting and gain knowledge useful for their future life.
  3. 3. Schedule September - October: School presentation and setting a composter in the schoolyard. November - March: Organizing a professional lecture with an external associate or visiting an ecological association in the region where we live. Students will explore the subject of composting and create posters explaining in a simple and easily understandable way what composting is, why it is good to produce compost, how to make compost, what goes and what does not go in the compost. April: Marking the Earth Day by creating presentations, posters, games or other educational materials about the relation between composting and environmental protection. During the school year students are going to work on the compost. At the end of the project, the compost is going to be added to the plants in the schoolyard. June: The final presentation and the evaluation.
  4. 4. Where we are - Pictramap (animated map)
  5. 5. Padlet Introduce yourself - our schools, places where we live, previous ecological activities of our schools...
  6. 6. September 2017 eTwinners, 4a Introduction to the eTwinning and our project - Sketchpad
  7. 7. October 2017 Small Ecologists (3a) Our composter
  8. 8. 7th November 2017, a guest at our school held professional lecture for Small Ecologists (3a), eTwinners (4a) and their teachers Bernarda Orehovec, the producer of biodynamically grown food
  9. 9. Sketchpad posters - eTwinners (4a)
  10. 10. November 2017 Small Ecologists (3a)
  11. 11. 12th December 2017 Project presentation at our school Small Ecologists (3a) & eTwinners (4a)
  12. 12. December 2017 Small Ecologists (3a) Happy New Year
  13. 13. Ormylia Primary School from Greece sent us the greeting card. We were very happy!
  14. 14. January 2018 eTwinners, 4a what goes and what does not go in the compost
  15. 15. February - March 2018 eTwinners (4a) LearningApps
  16. 16. March 2018 Small Ecologists (3a)
  17. 17. March 2018 Small Ecologists (3a)
  18. 18. March 2018 eTwinners, 4a The natural flow of matter - nothing is lost in nature
  19. 19. IT classroom - eTwinning corner
  20. 20. Earth Day 2018 Small Ecologists (3a) & eTwinners (4a) - project presentation in our school
  21. 21. Earth Day 2018 Small Ecologists (3a)
  22. 22. Earth Day 2018 eTwinners (4a) The game about composting
  23. 23. How to play Kako igrati
  24. 24. Outdoor Classroom Day - May 2018 Small Ecologists (3a) & eTwinners (4a)
  25. 25. Outdoor Classroom Day - May 2018 Small Ecologists (3a) & eTwinners (4a)
  26. 26. Outdoor Classroom Day short description
  27. 27. 29th May 2018 Small Ecologists (3a) & eTwinners (4a) Adding our compost to flowers in the school yard
  28. 28. Evaluation
  29. 29. School website: ● the page about our project ● articles on the homepage: ○ The beginning of the project Let’s do compost! ○ Bernarda Orehovec - a professional lecture ○ Earth Day ○ Outdoor Classroom Day ○ Article on the occasion of completion of the project
  30. 30. Articles on the local portal of our county: ● November 2017 - Bernarda Orehovec in our school ● April 2018 - Earth Day ● June 2018 - article on the occasion of completion of the project
  31. 31. Tools that we used in this project
  32. 32. More about the eTwinning project Let’s do compost! TwinSpace: