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eTwinning project Explore Scratch - Croatia


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eTwinning project Explore Scratch - what we have done (Osnovna škola Vladimira Nazora Pribislavec, Croatia)

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eTwinning project Explore Scratch - Croatia

  1. 1. eTwinning project Explore Scratch What we have done OŠ Vladimira Nazora Pribislavec, Croatia 2017/2018 Iva Naranđa June 2018
  2. 2. Short description During this project the schools from different countries will exchange ideas on teaching programming in primary education. The main idea of this project is to introduce our students into the world of coding in an attractive way and encourage their creativity. By working on tasks related to various topics, we will try to show our students that coding can be a fun and enjoyable experience. We want our students to develop and grow by using skills of computer-thinking, logical reasoning and problem solving. In this project our students will express their ideas creatively by making animations, animated stories and games. Topics would be related to our schools, places where we live and our countries. Teachers and students will collaborate and exchange experiences, and each partner school will report regularly on their progress via TwinSpace.
  3. 3. Schedule October 2017: participating in the EU Code Week (creating animations with the names of our countries, places where we live, flags…) November - December 2017: creating short animated stories about our schools and places where we live; participating in Hour of Code; creating animated New Year cards for partners January – April 2018: creating games May 2018: participating in Scratch Day; voting for the best game June 2018: the final presentation of the project and the evaluation of the project.
  4. 4. 34 members
  5. 5. Project partners - part 1
  6. 6. Project partners - part 2
  7. 7. Project partners - part 3
  8. 8. Project partners - part 4
  9. 9. Project partners - part 5
  10. 10. EU Code Week 2017
  11. 11. Scratch workshop “Animate a name”
  12. 12. Scratch workshop “Animate a name”
  13. 13. Scratch workshop “Animate a name”
  14. 14. Scratch workshop “Animate a name”
  15. 15. Scratch studio “We love Scratch 6”
  16. 16. Computer Science Education Week Hour of Code
  17. 17. Scratch workshops: Make it Fly with Scratch & Make Music with Scratch
  18. 18. Scratch studios
  19. 19. Scratch studio - Animated stories
  20. 20. Scratch studios - Happy New Year 2018
  21. 21. Safer Internet Day 2018
  22. 22. Safer Internet Day 2018
  23. 23. Extra activities: Rosadigitale Week
  24. 24. Scratch remix
  25. 25. Scratch studio - Rosadigitale Week
  26. 26. Working on TwinSpace and creating Scratch games
  27. 27. Scratch studio the maze games with a question for the next level Questions are related to the animated stories from the partner schools: 100. Yıl Atatürk Ortaokulu Köşk, Aydın, Turkey and IES Escultor Juan de Villanueva, Spain.
  28. 28. Scratch Day 2018
  29. 29. eTwinning Live Event - Scratch Day 2018
  30. 30. Tricider - voting
  31. 31. 2nd place: our story
  32. 32. Extra activities: Digital Learning Day
  33. 33. TwinSpace forum
  34. 34. eTwinning Day 2018 - eTwinning tree
  35. 35. Dissemination School website: http://www.os-vnazor- more
  36. 36. Dissemination Article about the Rosadigitale Week on the Croatian national portal for schools (Portal za škole) more
  37. 37. Dissemination Article about the eTwinning project Explore Scratch on the local portal of our county: more
  38. 38. Evaluation
  39. 39. More about the eTwinning project Explore Scratch: TwinSpace