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What the hell is Virtual Reality?


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A little intro to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & co... With a bit of humor!

Published in: Technology
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What the hell is Virtual Reality?

  1. 1. WHAT THE HELL IS VIRTUAL REALITY? Yes, this presentation is in comic sans but don’t worry it’s virtual comic sans.
  2. 2. VR, AR, 360° videos • Virtual reality (VR) is an artificial, computer-generated simulation or recreation of a real life environment or situation. It immerses the user by making them feel like they are experiencing the simulated reality firsthand • Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that layers computer- generated enhancements atop an existing reality in order to make it more meaningful through the ability to interact with it • 360° videos, also known as immersive videos are video recordings where a view in every direction is recorded at the same time. During playback the viewer has control of the viewing direction like a panorama.
  3. 3. VR, AR, 360° videos Yes, you really look THIS stupid!
  4. 4. Some history of VR/AR Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are not new: • First theories: 1958 (Morton Heilig, movies director) • First VR/AR set was created in 1968 (I. Sutherland), it was HUGE! • The term “Virtual Reality” was created in 1989 (Jaron Lanier, a nerd) • Il tagliaerbe (The Lawnmower man), 1992 a movie about Virtual Reality • Virtual Boy (1995, Nintendo). A disaster. • 2000s Second Life. Yes, you tried it, don’t say you don’t.
  5. 5. How does VR works? • A movie (or a game) is streamed in two different (but similar) parts. • The glass or visor you’re wearing will use either the two feeds sent to one display or two LCD displays, one per eye. • Special lenses will focus and reshape the picture for each eye and create a stereoscopic 3D image by angling the two 2D images to mimic how each of our two eyes views the world ever-so-slightly differently. • The goggles you’re wearing will detect head movements to “change” the video accordingly • If interactive, you’ll have physical controls, you can use to interact with the VR world • You’re in the movie!
  6. 6. How does AR works? • The first approach is based on the positioning of visual cues or "markers" including gestures or movements that are seen by a camera on a computer or a mobile device. Content is placed according to the position of the markers • Apps & Games are available for cheap (or free) • The second approach is to interpret the location of a mobile device and the character of the objects in the field of view of the device (i.e. a table) and put content in the environment accordingly • Microsoft HoloLens are available at ~3.000$, they use the second approach
  7. 7. How can I DO VR/AR? There are many platforms available to create VR/AR content, in some cases a dedicated hardware is needed… • (create VR content with HTML) • 360 cameras (from 100$ to infinity & beyond) • Game Engines (Unreal Engine, Unity, etc…) • Apps & Software (free or $$$)
  8. 8. Ok, I want this! How much does it cost? • Oculus Rift: 699€ + 199€ + a powerful PC • HTC Vive: 899€ + accessories + a powerful PC • Sony Playstation Vr: 399€ + PS4 console + TV • Google DayDream: 79$ + smartphone • Samsung, etc… From 29$ + smartphone • Chinese cardboard factories: peanuts + smartphone
  9. 9. What should I buy? Ask PORN in a couple of years Adult industry is the main driver of modern technology for entertainment. :-) If you don’t believe me... • 50s Porn standardized Super8 film • 80s VHS vs Betamax: porn chose VHS. • VHS WON • 80s/90s ASCII PORN, long before the Internet. NO JOKING. (SFW) • 90s Richard Gordon pioneered online payments (for porn websites) • 2000s HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray: porn chose Blu-Ray. • Guess what? Blu-Ray WON • 2015 A friend of mine told me VR porn websites are available. PlayStation VR doesn’t support them (yet). Companies have not chosen a reference platform (yet) Want to know more? Visit: (SFW)
  10. 10. I don’t care about porn. I want to do E-COMMERCE! VR/AR: a new mindblowing experience for both e- commerce & bricks-and-mortar. Brands are investing in VR more than ever. • Try your clothes with an AR Mirror • AR Catalogues (see prev. slide) • eBay opened the world 1st Virtual Reality Dep. Store: & • Brands like Dior, Tommy Hilfiger, etc… are investing in VR • IKEA has a VR app to experience furnitures you want to buy (see: ecommerce)
  11. 11. Recap! •VR is cool •VR is not new •VR is cheap •VR is already in use for e-commerce
  12. 12. QUESTIONS? ???