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Green Market Press August 2012


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Green Market Press August 2012

  1. 1. NAPERVILLE FOR CLEAN ENERGY AND CONSERVATION Green Market Press A UG US T 1 5 , 2 0 12 V O LUM E 1, I SSUE 1 I N S ID E T H I S I S S U E :WELCOME! Naperville Green 2 House Gas InventoryA message from our President... Save with Energy 3 EfficiencyHello everyone and welcome toour newest undertaking,—”The City of Naperville 4Future! “ We will be using this Progress Notesnewsletter to keep you in-formed of all the latest green Personally Speaking 5information, events, and oppor- Green Connections 6-7tunities going on, in and aroundour area. Green Directory 8With our newsletter we hope tointroduce you to communitymembers who are involved withefforts to help reduce commu-nity carbon footprint as well as M A R K Y OU Rprovide you with useful infor- CALENDAR:mation you can use in your own  Aug 29, Wednesday: 7:00 Greenlives to help make better Drinkschoices to help us live more NCEC President, Stephanie Hastings with Naperville’s Mayor Pradel at  Sep 11, Tuesday: 6:30 Solar Drinks & Social at Testa Producesustainably on our planet. NCEC’s 2010 Earth Fair, “Bringing Green to your Home” LEED Platinum Food Distribution CenterABOUT NCEC —Mark Skowron, former NCEC Board MemberNaperville for Clean Energy and Conser- each other’s political affiliation. Cer- NCEC provided input for the City’s Mostly, the climate that we try tovation (NCEC) is grassroots non-profit tainly, we’re generally not oblivious to Greenhouse Gas Inventory, the Energy change centers on ourselves – ourorganization of Naperville residents that the world’s glaciers subliming into the Efficiency Conservation Block attitudes, behaviors, and knowledge.was founded in May 2007. To date, over abyss. However, we have found com- (“Stimulus”) Grant, Packer Engineering’s Our group tries to foster an attitude of300 citizens have connected with NCEC, mon ground when it comes to energy Green Fuels Depot which has been cooperation and enthusiasm. We haveincluding PTA Moms to teachers, to engi- conservation with obvious benefits of endorsed by Councilman Bob Fieseler found that communication must workneers, business people, retired scientists lower energy bills and pollution, and and Congresswoman Judy Biggert, the in concert with action.(do they ever really retire?), and elected reducing dependence on foreign oil Chamber of Commerce.officials, among others. As our name while creating jobs. We encourage you to volunteer yourimplies, our mission is largely to encour- We have sponsored and been at Earth talents, meet some new neighbors andage alternative forms of clean energy NCEC is part educator, part catalyst for Fairs, Sierra Club, and DuPage County your elected officials, network a little,and be good stewards of the energy that change, part watchdog, and part infor- Environmental Summits, Green Earth be purposeful by investing in yourwe do use. mation clearinghouse. We try to en- Institute, and Green Drinks events, community – or just check us out, and gage residents along with our business among others. We have also developed have fun in the process. Visit our webAmid the recent controversy of “Climate- and civic leaders and we have pursued school vehicle anti-idling and Zero site at:” and the contentious debate in synergies within our community via the Waste programs, and we have ex-Copenhagen, NCEC has successfully man- City of Naperville’s Envirolink Commit- tended our outreach to groups inaged to stay above the fray – uncommon tee, Renewable Energy Program and Chicago, Joliet, Batavia and Elmhurst,indeed. At our monthly meetings, you Bicycle and Pedestrian and Advisory and Wheaton.won’t see us promoting a political Committee, and most recently via theagenda, and most of us aren’t aware of Chamber of Commerce.
  2. 2. PAGE 2 V O LU M E 1 , I SS U E 1About the Naperville Green House Gas InventoryIn May 2007 five Kennedy Junior High School studentsgave a presentation to the Naperville City Council and In conjunction with the subsequent inventory, NCECasked them to sign the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection would also like to encourage the addition of specific,Agreement (USMCPA). measurable metrics to the existing Citywide Sustainability plan as well. For the complete City Sustainability PlanIn June 2007, the USMCPA was officially on the Council’s please see the City’s webpage: http://Agenda, and a motion was made to conduct green house gas, rather than sign onto the full agreement, but themotion lost 5-4. “Yes” votes came from council members Based on the findings of the GHG Inventory, NCEC hasFieseler, Furstenau, Krause and Senger. developed residential presentations to help educate resi- dents on money and energy saving measures which helpDuring Public Forum component of the October 17, improve our community’s carbon footprint.2007meeting, four volunteers made a presentation to thecouncil summarizing what a GHG emissions inventory is If you have interest in learning more about or joiningand why it is important. Following the presentation, Coun- NCEC to help continue development of any of these initia-cilmember Rosanova made a motion to add the topic to the tives, or would be interested in having NCEC present toNovember 6th City Council meeting agenda, and the mo- your organization on any of these initiatives, please con-tion passed. tact us at:, or visit us on the web:On November 6th, NCEC again spoke to the council urging to conduct a greenhouse gas emissions inventory. TheNaperville City Council voted to conduct the inventory and It’s not too late! You can still contact your Mayor andthe item passed. “Yes” votes came from council members local council members to recommend that Naperville signFurstenau, Senger, Krause, Rosanova and Mayor Pradel. the USMCPA.In June 2009, the final GHG Inventory report, which alsoincluded the entire community wide inventory analysis, notjust the municipal inventory—which had been recom-mended to also be included by NCEC, was presented toCity Council.The results of the inventory indicated that our residentialhomes and vehicles are the largest contributors to GHGs inour community.As of 2012, there have been no further updates to the cur-rent GHG inventory. This is something NCEC would liketo see changed. One of the goals set forth for our organiza-tion this year is to reach out to the City and encourage anupdate to the baseline study that was completed. NCECbelieves that without appropriate metrics recording and cal- Results of GHG Inventory indicate that we, as resi-culations it is extremely difficult to manage or reduce the dents, are the largest contributors to GHG emissions in our community.emissions from our community.US MAYORAL CLIMATE PROTECTION AGREEMENTUnder the Agreement, participating cities commit to take following three actions:1) Strive to meet or beat the Kyoto Protocol targets in their own communities, through actions ranging from anti-sprawl land-use policiesto urban forest restoration projects to public information campaigns;2) Urge their state governments, and the federal government, to enact policies and programs to meet or beat the greenhouse gas emissionreduction target suggested for the United States in the Kyoto Protocol -- 7% reduction from 1990 levels by 2012; and3) Urge the U.S. Congress to pass the bipartisan greenhouse gas reduction legislation, which would establish a national emission tradingsystemFor complete information please see the Mayors Climate Protection Center website:
  3. 3. G REEN M A R K ET P R E S S PAGE 3Energy Efficiency 101 for ResidentsAccording to our Greenhouse Gas In- homeowners with caulk, foam and the ability to resist heat flow. Differentventory, our homes are one of the major weather stripping. R-values are recommended for walls,contributors to GHG’s in our commu- ceilings, basements and attics depend-nity, so we are encouraging all resi- ing upon geographic location of thedents to have an energy audit completed ADDING INSULATION home. Insulation works best when noby a local professional and complete the Insulation keeps you warm in the win- air is moving around it which is why itsealing and insulating of all homes. ter, but also cool in the summer. There is critical to air seal your home prior to are several common types of insula- insulating. For complete R-value rec- tion—fiberglass (blown in and batt ommendations Your biggest bang forAIR SEALING forms), rigid foam board, cellulose, and the buck is typically to start with theBefore you start adding insulation to spray foam. attic.your home you will want to consider air When correctly installed with air seal- For full information on sealing andsealing. It is estimated that the typical ing, insulation can deliver comfort and insulating, see the Department of En-homeowner can save 10% on their an- lower energy bills in the coldest and ergy’s web site:, ornual energy costs before adding any hottest times of the year. contact a local energy auditor.insulation to their homes by properlysealing air leaks. Insulation is measured by R-value, orDon’t assume you don’t need to air sealsimply because you don’t have anyobvious holes in your windows, walls orceilings. Invisible air leaks that causesignificant losses are most common inattics, basements and crawl spaces.Fortunately, most of these leaks can beeasily and inexpensively rectified by For excellent do-it- yourself insulating information with videos, tax credit information, and forums, visit: $25 = YOUR AD HERE!NCEC is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your sponsorship helps us continue and develop our environmental educational pro- gramming which benefits our residents, businesses, community and our future!
  4. 4. PAGE 4 V O LU M E 1 , I SS U E 1 City of Naperville Green Updates SMART GRID INSTALLATION CONTINUES NSGI Video Contest The City of Naperville is seeking talented and creative individuals to enter a video contest to highlight and promote one or all of the 4Es of the NSGI:  Energy    Environment    Education    Economy   More information about the 4 Es   These videos will help the City educate utility customers about this exciting project, which gives custom- ers more choices and options in how they manage their energy use. Through the NSGI, Naperville is modernizing its $360 million electric network to prepare the City for increased energy demand and the future of energy conservation - a development that will shape the future of electric utilities across the globe. Be part of this innovation by creating a 30 second video that highlights at least one of the benefits of the NSGI. As of June 3: NSGI Video Contest Official Rules (PDF)  32,048 meters installed Naperville Legacy Tree Protection Program Continues Content from: City of Naperville is proud to announce that 2012 marks the third year of participation in the Legacy Tree Project (LTP), a part-nership with Valent Professional Products aimed at building community awareness about options for responding to emerald ash borer(EAB) and motivating residents to take action.Initiated in 2010 and continuing through 2014, the 12 communities selected across the Midwest for participation in the LTP receiveannual treatment with Safari® insecticide for approximately 200 ash trees on public property. The project, including materials andlabor, is fully funded by Valent Professional Products. There is no cost to taxpayers. Naperville’s parkway ash trees enrolled in thisprogram will soon receive their third annual treatment with the Safari® product.“The City was very fortunate to be selected as a partner in the LTP,” City Forestry and Parkways Supervisor Jack Mitz said. “Thetrees treated as part of this program are showing positive signs of good health. I encourage homeowners with ash trees on their privateproperty to consult an arborist promptly for an assessment of their tree health. If a tree is still healthy enough to warrant treatment anda resident wishes to save it from EAB, the treatment of choice should be initiated in the next several weeks.”Since 2008 when the EAB was first discovered in Naperville, the Department of Public Works has focused on controlling the spreadof the EAB through the implementation of a cost-effective strategy that includes treatment, removal of infested trees and a publiceducation program. The City’s Forestry Division works with 10 certified arborists that are trained to look for signs of EAB presence.More information about the EAB, including symptoms of infestation and treatment options, is available at“The emerald ash borer program is a great example of a program with strong community involvement,” Department of Public WorksDirector Dick Dublinski said. “The City of Naperville continues to implement an aggressive multi-year treatment plan for all healthyash trees located in the City’s parkways. The involvement of the LTP and the support of the Naperville Area Homeowners Confedera-tion have been an important part of our treatment and education program.”To join the NCEC Tree Preservation Committee, please contact Jodi Trendler at
  5. 5. G REEN M A R K ET P R E S S PAGE 5Make Your Personal Sustainability PledgeWhat is a personal sustainability pledge? more sustainable, healthy future.As part of NCEC’s mission, our goal is to educate residentsabout how their personal actions effect global climate change. Send us your pledge and we’ll add it to the list and keep a tallyAs part of our mission, we are encouraging residents to submit of the difference we collectively make!to us their personal actions they are taking in their own lives tohelp reduce the green house gasses in our community. Al-though the City of Naperville, and many of our local business Send your pledge to TODAY!along with a significant number of individuals in our commu-nity have sustainability plans, it will take all of us collectivelyto pitch in, turn off, conserve, reduce, recycle, and re-evaluate As of July 2012, I pledge to make a personal change in habitsdaily habits in order to make the substantial difference needed that will reduce the green house gasses in my community by:to reduce the green house gasses in our community. __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________We invite you to pledge your personal efforts to address energy __________________________________________________conservation, renewables, sustainable food, commuting, waterconservation, green space, recycling and any other sustainabil-ity issues directly affecting our community. By making yourpledge public, it not only might subconsciously help you staycommitted, but will also help build a sense of community andsupport for one another as we all journey on our paths to aNCEC Member Personal Sustainability PledgesJodi : Taking my bike (and trailer for toting) for all trips un-der 2 miles one way.Stephanie : Continue to remind my children to turn off thelights and take shorter showers. $10 = YOUR AD HERE!Bill : Donate to NCEC on an annual basis NCEC is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your sponsorship helps us continue and develop our environmental education programming which benefits our residents, businesses, communityEditorial and our future! Next month we look at current City Ordinances and how we can use them to our benefit as a Green Consumer and who is our champion in Planning and Development
  6. 6. G REEN M A R K ET P R E S S PAGE 6What are RECs, SRECs & RECAP and why do you talk ROI?All renewable electricity generators market is carefully controlled so that (ISEA). It provides PV system ownersproduce two (2) products- electricity RECs cannot be resold. Renewable with an opportunity to receive paymentand renewable energy certificates energy plants reduce demand for fossil for their solar Renewable Energy Cred-(RECs). The electricity enters the grid fuels; RECs are the medium through its (SRECs). Prior to the RECAP pro-along with the electricity from other which consumers can not only finan-sources such as nuclear and coal burn- cially support those renewable sources, gram, only large renewable energy pro-ing power plants. Once there, an elec- but claim the benefits of them as well. ducers had the ability to sell theirtron coming from a wind farm in SRECs. This program, created in 2008, SRECs are those renewable energyPrinceton, IL is indistinguishable from a certificates that are produced by solar provides additional income to small PVcoal fired plant. This is where RECs electricity only. system owners (under 10 kW AC) inbecome important. Since you cannot addition to supporting Illinois solarbuy electricity from a grid-tied renew- The Renewable Energy Credit Aggrega- development. (cont. page 9)able source without also getting fossil- tion Program (RECAP) is offered tofuel derived electricity, RECs represent solar photo-one pathway to virtually buy that elec- voltaic (PV)tricity. system ownersOne (1) REC is equal to 1,000 kilowatt- in the state byhours (1MWh); an organization that the Illinois So-purchases that REC can claim all the lar Energy As-benefits of purchasing renewable en-ergy. These RECs are certified and the sociationMeetup With Naperville Area Sustainability GroupNaperville Area Sustainability Group is site include NCEC meetings, Green There is no fee to join the group, anda local Meetup group Drinks events, Fox most Meetups are free of charge as well.established to act as Valley Electric Log in to the Meetup site and JOIN US!a local connecting Naperville Area Sustainability Group Auto Associationplace for green peo- meetings, as wellple, groups, events, as a myriad ofand activities. Set other fun, localup in June of 2010, gatherings that arethe group now has of particular inter-over 260 members. est to “green” you will minded people. sustainability-groupfind posted on theirGreen Drinks — NapervilleEvery month people across the globe who are interested in environmentalissues meet up at informal sessions known as GreenDrinks. GreenDrinks -Naperville, which was founded in February 2010, is just one of 750+ ofthese chapters worldwide. Its a lively mixture of people from business,NGOs, academia, our community and government. Come along and youllbe made welcome-TEETOTALERS TOO. Its a great way of catching upwith people you know and also for making new contacts. Everyone invitessomeone else along, so theres always a different crowd, making GreenDrinks an organic, ever expanding network. These events are very casual,and food and drink are on your own. There is no fee to participate. Weare a green social networking event in every sense - self-organizing andorganically-growing - so spread the word and see you at the next Green-Drinks - Naperville! We meet the last Wednesday of most months, be sureto check the webpage for location: .
  7. 7. PAGE 7 V O LU M E 1 , I SS U E 1Green Citizen of the Month Michelle Hickey is this nois Solar Energy Association, for which she has the pri- month’s NCEC choice for mary responsibility of managing the organization, “from “Green Citizen” due to her head to toe” including daily operations, program develop- incessant pursuit of not ment, and grant writing. Additionally Michelle sits on the only continually trying to Energy Education Council Renewable Energy Task Force reduce green house gasses to assist with developing resources and renewable energy through her current career educational programming for the public, and she also paths, but also throughout serves as the Assistant Program Manger for Community her daily personal life. Energy where she manages the City of Naperville’s Re- She is one of the people on newable Energy Program. Michelle Hickey, A Naperville resi- this planet who fortunately On top of managing work and family life Michelle is al- dent, Program Manager at Illinois for the rest of us, had the ways including in her priorities the pursuit of a fully sus- Solar Energy Association, Assistant insight and foresight to tainable life from purchasing local, organic food, to grow- Program Manager at Community pursue a sustainable life- ing her own food, to extensively researching products for Energy—Naperville’s Renewable energy Program provider style from an early age. home use or improvements from paint through metal roof- She started with studying ing material as well as verifying each product’s level of as a nutritionist due to her fair trade, to daily yoga and meditation practice. interest in healthy food and Michelle has certainly managed to “Be the change youfood systems. This career path then led to an aroma therapy wish to see in the world” and exists as an exemplarybusiness and then included yoga instruction . As her inter- “Green Citizen” role model for all of us. It is because ofest in sustainability continued to develop, her career path this, NCEC would like to congratulate and extend deepestalso led her into Zero Waste program development and gratitude for not only thinking of herself, her family, andeventually Renewable Energy, her current career positions. her community, but also extending that reach to as far of aMichelle currently serves as Program Director for the Illi- global reach as possible.Green Business of the Month Contributed by Kelly Andereck, A Design Consulting Green Fitness Center or Money times a month and you may pay as little as $6 but if you only work out 30 times you will pay $9. Along with a Saving Opportunity myriad of energy conservation measures like EnergyChances are you go to the gym because it makes you feel Star appliances and TVs, high efficiency lighting andgood. But nothing kills the post workout buzz like thinking demand controls and energy harvesting work out equip-about the environmental impacts of traditional gyms. What ment, EcoGym has now finalized its selection and isare the environmental impacts of the air conditioning, permitting its latest environmental benefit to memberscardio machines, televisions, lights, refrigerators, etc. all of and the community – a 10kW photovoltaic system.which, overwhelm your conscious living choices. Using the vast array of resources provided by SkillSetterEco-friendly gyms like the Green Fitness Studio in New LLC, a solar developer that specializes in developingYork or California-based Club One and Frog’s Fitness clubs projects throughout the United States and Naperville’s Aare revamping their business models and facilities to recap- Design Consulting, EcoGym’s solar renewable system isture some of the attendance peaks of 2009 in which mem- expected to produce 7.93 kW of AC power each solarbers attended fitness clubs an average of 102 days. Many of hour per day. SkillSetter has aligned themselves with athese members are becoming more and more aware of their variety of resources so they can be a strategic partner incarbon footprints and want a place they frequent for more investing in solar energy by providing smart solutionsthan one-third of the year to take steps to reduce that foot- from the design process all the way down to implemen-print. tation and maintenance of the systems they implement.Naperville’s EcoGym at 1265 South Naper Blvd. offers its This partnership with EcoGym enables the fitness centermembers a 24 hour access and encourages the use of the to expand its solar renewable or photovoltaic (PV) ca-facility as much as possible. In fact, EcoGym has a pacity in a second phase development in the future and"Flexible Rate Plan" that charges members less money the reduces annual Operation and Maintenance costs bymore times they visit. For example, if you work out 40 Eco-Gym. (Continued on page 9)
  8. 8. PAGE 8 V O LU M E 1 , I SS U E 1GREEN BUSINESS DIRECTORY $10 = YOUR AD $10 = YOUR AD HERE! HERE! NCEC is a 501c3 non-profit organi- NCEC is a 501c3 non-profit organiza- zation. Your sponsorship helps us tion. Your sponsorship helps us con- continue and develop our environ- tinue and develop our environmental mental educational programmingeducational programming which bene- which benefits our residents, busi-fits our residents, businesses, commu- nesses, community and our future! nity and our future! $15 = YOUR AD HERE! $15 = YOUR AD HERE! NCEC is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your sponsorship NCEC is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your sponsorship helps us continue and develop our environmental educa- helps us continue and develop our environmental educa-tional programming which benefits our residents, businesses, tional programming which benefits our residents, businesses, community and our future! community and our future! $25 = YOUR AD HERE! NCEC is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your sponsorship helps us continue and develop our environmental educational programming which benefits our residents, businesses, community and our future!
  9. 9. PAGE 9 V O LU M E 1 , I SS U E 1What are RECs, SRECs & RECAP and why do Green Business of the Monthyou talk ROI?, Continued from page 6 K. AndereckA performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of The PV system is designed by using the Solon Solquickan investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of 295 module. The modules are a fixed tilt ballasted, nondifferent investments is called Return on Investment framed rack. The 295W modules are connected in series(ROI). To calculate ROI, the benefit (return) of an in- and provide developers with a low profile tilt therebyvestment is divided by the cost of the investment; the reducing wind loads significantly and with no snow driftresult is expressed as a percentage or a ratio. ROI is a issues caused by the array. In addition to the cindervery popular metric because of its versatility and simplic-ity. That is, if an investment does not have a positive blocks used for ballasting the modules, the A DesignROI, or if there are other opportunities with a higher ROI, Consulting design team is proposing an additional 5 posi-then the investment should not be undertaken. For exam- tive connections on both the east and west sides of theple, a small business might look at the ROI of a solar re- arrays. These connections are lagged through the roofnewable energy system and look at the simple return like, reducing uplift most prominent in the winter months.“Gain from the Investment – the Cost of the Investment” Already reviewed by Naperville’s planning, the system isdivided by the “Cost of the Investment”. Keep in mindthat the calculation for return on investment and, there- expected to be installed in 2 days after its journey throughfore the definition, can be modified to suit the situation -it the city’s building department.all depends on what you include as returns and costs.The definition of the term in the broadest sense just at- From California to New York, in some cases marketed astempts to measure the profitability of an investment and, human-powered gyms, sustainable fitness centers areas such, there is no one "right" calculation. This is illus- gaining momentum. With energy harnessing treadmillstrated best when the small business above includes not and exercise bikes, gyms have been given the ability toonly simple gains like electric utility cost increases or tax turn energy expended by their members into useablecredits, but includes marketing benefits or environmental watts of electricity to offset operational electric consump-benefits like emission reductions or fuel offsets. To avoid tion in addition to those mentioned in “Green Fitnessthe cornucopia of ROIs used to benefit the sale, the build- Center or Money Saving Opportunity” but unlike othering community often uses Simple Payback as a means of gyms, EcoGym gives back to the customers who wish toleveling vender (product reps) misrepresentation and as a take advantage of the equipment.first cut analysis. A Simple Payback considers the initial  The Matrix H7xe is an exercise bike that creates energyinvestment or first costs and the resulting annual cash by utilizing the rotary motions of your legs to spin a fly-flow. The payback period is the amount of time (usually wheel attached to a generatormeasured in years) to recover the initial investment in anopportunity. For homeowners, a typical payback period  Woodway EcoMill is a manually powered treadmill thatof less than 20 years is a good investment, whereas for requires no electricity, only the exercisers movement to re-the business community five (5) to seven (7) years is an charge its batteries and uses less than 50% energy in other treadmills.appropriate timeline.
  10. 10. Naperville for Clean NCEC, founded in 2007 became an official 501c3 Energy and Conservation not-for-profit organization August 2008. We 3835 Caine Court Naperville, IL 60564 strive to educate, demonstrate and develop means Phone: 312-523-4347 Fax: 630-983-6124 to help ourselves and community move toward a more sustainable and carbon-free way of living inYour business tag line order to protect our planet and ensure a healthy sustainable life for future generations. here. Yes, I want to make a tax deductible donation TODAY to help develop a CLEAN FUTURE For myself, my community, and our children! DONATE Community Energy’s Providence Heights wind farm which provides the energy for Naperville’s Re- newable Energy Program, Illinois jobs, and a CLEAN FUTURE. Upcoming NCEC .…. Next Month: 2012 Meeting Dates Our meetings are always We are looking at the Smart Grid Pros & open to the public, and Cons 1/11: Meeting Room A 7/11: Meeting Room B&C we hope you can join us.We present a case study of the Rock Valley Meetings are at 7:30 PM, 2/8: Meeting Room A 8/15: Meeting Room ACollege’s Karl J. Jacobs Center for Math & generally on the second 3/19: Meeting Room B&C 9/12: Meeting Room A Science in Rockford, Illinois Wednesday of the month 4/11: Meeting Room A 10/10: Meeting Room A at the Naperville Munici-And much more as we continue to help our 5/16: Meeting Room Acommunity develop the means by which we pal Center located at 400 11/21: Meeting Room A can grow as a sustainable community South Eagle in Down- 6/13: Meeting Room A 12/12: Meeting Room A town Naperville.