Coca Cola Media Classwork


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Coca Cola Media Classwork

  1. 1. As our theme is ‘making the world a happier place’ and ‘bringing everyone together’ we have done a border around the edge of the poster of people with different nationalities smiling around the giant coca-cola bottle. Then we have done a childish cheerful text to show the happiness which is presented in different colours to show the bringing togetherness of differences.
  2. 2. Our TV advert is set in a family home where two children are arguing and shouting at each other but then the mother comes in to stop them by opening a bottle of coca-cola and then they all sit down together smiling.
  3. 3. Girl: Hey that’s mine give it back! (tugging at the book held in the boys hand) Boy: No its mine! (pulling the book away from the girl) Girl: No its mine! That’s not fair! (pulls the book so much that it rips) Girl and Boy: (both gasp and start to hit, kick and shout at each other) Mum: (walks in looking shocked at what she is seeing and walks over to the fridge to pull out a bottle of coca-cola) Mum: Ben and Jane stop now (walks over to the children and shows them the bottle) Girl and Boy: (both stare in awe at the coco-cola and sit down at the table) Mum: (pours the coco-cola into glasses and hands them over to the children) Girl and Boy: (both take a gulp of the coco-cola and start to giggle) Mum, Girl and Boy: *laughs* Dad and Older brother: (walks over to table smiling and joins the rest of the family) Family: *everyone giggles and talks to each other*
  4. 4. To promote our product more we have decided to do a competition for those who buy the coca-cola. On the inside of the coca-cola there will be a code that you will type in onto our website and you will be entered into a draw to win £1000 for you and a friend to spend on a day out.
  5. 5. In the middle of Westfields shopping centre in London there will be a red velvet stand with a giant bottle of coca-cola. The first person that is tempted to go over and open it will get a surprise by the 100 singers and dancers who have pretended to be normal shoppers, to break out in a choreographed song and dance. This will be videoed and put on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter which will hopefully become viral to the public.