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Costume ideas-women-look-glamorous-by-lavishcoupon-com


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Costume Ideas For Women’s :
It's about how do you become glamorous and stylish among your gathering and family it tells you no expensiveness with really reasonable rate you can look good and attractive when there is the question of fancy dress party, everyone wants to give their best shot.

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Costume ideas-women-look-glamorous-by-lavishcoupon-com

  1. 1. Some Costume Ideas For Women’s To Look Glamorous In Fancy Parties   When a fancy dress party is the question, everyone wants to give it their best shot. Regardless of what your personality is or what little resources you may be able to use, being considered as the best dressed female or male is really a charm. If you are looking to achieve the same, below are some ideas you can consider for the next fancy dress party you are invited to. Although dressing up is challenging but it may be really easy for the ladies out there, all you will need is a dress that looks good on you and some accessories which can go well with it. 1
  2. 2. Some Out Of The Box Ideas To Make Your Fancy Party A Fun  Let's discuss some top costume ideas that are evergreen and offer a glamorous look to the personality of a woman. Getting a perfect fancy costume is not only what required, it should be within the normal range as well, for that there are thousands of ways to look for reasonable costumes but as we all knows that time is very precious for every one that’s why I suggest some quality websites like,, that offer coupons to purchase these dresses in a cost effective manner. 2
  3. 3. Flapper From The 1920's  If you are looking to travel back in time, becoming a flapper from that era is one thing you can try. The best part about this one is that you will be done with your look in a few dollars and will not have to spend hours in front of the mirror trying to fix your look. In order to become a flapper, you must pick a summer dress which is made using silky materials. Then add finishing touches to your look with different accessories such as the headband, black gloves or a long string of pearls. Since all these items are available for cheap prices, setting out a budget aside will not be required. 3
  4. 4. Princess From The Fairytales  This is perhaps a common fancy dress favorite of all times. Unlike the above idea, dressing up as a princess may involve some costs. Although expensive, this look is as easy as ABC. For this, you will need a princess gown or a dress which is close to that look. Finding such a dress will not be a problem as they are usually available at costume shops. You can also have a look at as well because they will not offer the dresses of branded stores but also the latest coupons of these stores too. Double the fun by asking your partner or friend to dress up as your prince charming and you could appear at the party as a couple. Cool idea, isn't it? 4
  5. 5. Fairy Godmother Or The Guardian Angel  Similar to the princess attire, you will need to find a dress which is pretty and makes you look like an angel just right. Do not forget to get a pair of beautiful wings and a magic wand. Both these items can easily be found at the fancy dress store. In order to give your look a more professional touch, glitter up your body with body glitter products. You can also flaunt a pair of ballerina flats to look even more amazing. 5
  6. 6. The Big-Toothed Vampire  Who said costume parties are supposed to have all good characters, of course not! Where there is good, bad comes along and so you can flaunt the evil within you by becoming a vampire at the fancy dress party. Unlike the fairy look, pick dresses or gowns which are dark colored and embellished with laces. Long dresses go with the Vampire look quite well so ensure you pick a dress which has acceptable length. Do not forget to paint your face or buy a fake set of big teeth to add more glamour to your look. Add two lines of blood dripping from your fangs to give yourself a scarier touch. When it comes to dressing up as an evil character, the possibilities are actually endless. 6
  7. 7. A Greek Or The Roman  Since the Greeks and the Romans had their own style of dressing, their look is also given considerable importance at a fancy dress show. However, for this you will need to leave a little more bare skin therefore go for this look only if you are confident. A toga is what you will need to get into the character of a person who has landed straight from the Greek era. Wearing a toga is no big deal. All you will need is a plain white cloth wrapped around yourself in a neat manner. Add to your look by wearing matching sandals and fixing a wreath or flower in your hair do and you are good to go! 7
  8. 8. The Famous Witch  No fancy dress party can be complete without a witch accompanied with a broomstick. So if you are looking to play an evil character, get a long black with boots and your look will be just too good for the occasion. You can also flaunt a long pointy hat to enhance the witch effect. If you are worried about finding the accessories, approach a fancy dress or costume store to find everything you need. When you are dressed up as a witch, arrive at the party with a broom stick instead of your car to draw the audience's attention towards you instantly! 8
  9. 9. Characters From The Disney World  Everyone loves Disney characters so you can be one too. When it comes to dressing up as one of the Disney characters, there is a huge variety that you can choose from. Becoming a Minnie Mouse is perhaps the easiest one you can try. All you will need is a pair of Minnie Mouse ears with a bow and a red dress that is preferably in polka dot design. Although this is not a must, it will make you look like a Minnie Mouse version of yourself. 9
  10. 10. The Smurfy Smurfs  Regardless of where you belong, Smurfs never go out of fashion and are found attractive by everyone. With their being revival of its cartoons and movies, getting dressed as a Smurf is no longer a problem. Simple colors like blue and white and make a big show out of your appearance at the fancy dress party. You would probably have a white dress or if not buying one is not all that difficult. However remember that you buy a cheap white dress because blue paint will ruin your dress anyway. Paint your body blue and put on the white dress then. Do not forget to add the Smurf effect with a cute Smurf cap. If the basic Smurf is too easy, go for a challenging look by becoming the Smurfette. 10