Lines in design


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Lines in design

  1. 1. LINE STUDY (IN LIFE, NATURE, DESIGN AND ART) By Naomi Smart (211067113)
  2. 2. Its all about the “Line”… Lines… How can something so simple as a mark on a surface show so much on so many levels…??? Dark, Light, Broken, Thick, Thin, Layered, In Proximity, Cross Hatched…Each one of these techniques can be used to show a different sense of mood or movement
  3. 3. They’re all around us…. Straight….Curved These lines, although simple give a sense of wonderment, scale, very modern. Architecture Helix Hotel Plan - Dubai
  4. 4. They’re all around us…. Organic lines can feel so light, almost like you can blow them off the page… They don’t have to be continuous either (connectivity comes in to play) Nature
  5. 5. They’re all around us…. These lines almost feel to me like they just want to continue…keep “branching off” Nature
  6. 6. They’re all around us…. How many Gestalt principles come into play here? Figure & Ground, continuality… I love the use of bright colour with a black outline… eye catching… Art Art
  7. 7. They’re all around us…. Every Day Life A simple thing like people queuing….still our eyes see lines. I love the way these steps, in a curvilinear line, almost seem to make you think of the layout, is it a trick of the eye? If this was a flat black and white line image, it would look very different, we wouldn’t see it as steps…
  8. 8. They’re all around us…. These lines, in Road and train tracks are lines that we see in every day life, Its just so normal to see that we don’t even think of it. It makes you wonder what else you can over look when you think about it!!!
  9. 9. They’re all around us…. Just amazing what differences in colour or even thickness in line can achieve…
  10. 10. They’re all around us…. Even though this image looks to be shaded in, its actually made of differing lines on a page, using darker lines closer in proximity to create a sense of depth
  11. 11. They’re all around us…. I love the combination of curvilinear and rectilinear lines….some how they just work together so well.
  12. 12. They’re all around us…. Just through colour and simple lines in an image, our mind looks upon this image as if they were almost tapered (above image) and the right image’s lines and use of colour give a woven feeling about them. Optical Illusions
  13. 13. They’re all around us…. Lines doesn’t just have to be used to draw, we also use lines when we write…and sketch
  14. 14. They’re all around us…. Design