Consumer Behavior 7 Elements


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Because it seems that no one is able to provide a correct, concrete, simple and fast example of the following concepts applied to advertsing:
- Figure & Ground,
- Law of Proximity ,
- Law of closure,
- Law of Similarity,
- Law of Continuity,
- Law of Membership ,
- Ambiguous stimuli ,

I then made one especially for you

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Consumer Behavior 7 Elements

  1. 1. The 7 elements by Ronan CHARDONNEAU
  2. 2.  Involves assignment of edges to regions for purposes of shape determination, determination of depth across an edge, and the allocation of visual attention Here we see always two things: the image in itself and the idea behind.
  3. 3.  Things that are near each other seem to be grouped together. Here new women's jeans have to be The benefits of this spray is identified as the same quot;cutquot; as men's jeans identified as fresh and natural as sea
  4. 4.  Things are grouped together if they seem to complete some entity;  The mind prefers to see complete forms, rather than collections of incomplete forms. Here we are unconsciously gathering the person sleeping to the computer ad
  5. 5.  Things which are similar in some way appear to be grouped together.  The closer in appearance objects are to each other, the more likely that they will be perceived as a group Here we identify the car as powerful as The sleeping bag is associated to the seal the hippopotamus which enforce his resistance to the cold
  6. 6.  Points that are connected by straight or curving lines are seen in a way that follows the smoothest path. Lines are seen as belonging together.  The mind prefers to extend forms in the way they are ‘headed’, visual inertia. Here we identify the ad as part of the pole
  7. 7.  Integrating the product within an environment to create the feeling of belonging to a group Here two groups of people are gathered the one who consider that medical drugs are efficient and other kind of medicines useless and the other group
  8. 8.  Ambiguous stimuli comes from impossible things such as unfeasible configurations or architectures Such packaging configuration is physically uncommon