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Smart coatings change in response to external stimuli and are finding a fast growing number of applications in several industries including construction, automotive, medical, consumer electronic goods and the military. NanoMarkets believes that these materials present a strong business case because of their unique functionality and their ability to be highly customized. We think smart coatings will do especially well in medical, military and other applications, where quality and performance, rather than price, shape purchasing decisions. Consumer markets where the customer is willing to pay a premium for functionality such as scratch resistance or enhanced energy efficiency will also be important.

NanoMarkets commenced coverage of smart coatings in 2011. As such it has a solid understanding of the dynamics of the smart coatings business and it brings this experience to this report. The report covers all the major markets for smart coatings including energy, automotive, medical, electronics, textiles and military. And it includes an assessment of the product/marketing strategies of key firms supplying smart coatings, as well as eight-year forecasts by applications sector and by type of coating. These forecasts are both in volume and in value terms.

This report also assesses the latest technical developments in the smart coatings space; smart coatings are becoming smarter and more biological, for example Based on the latest R&D and university research, we also examines future directions for smart coatings including important developments in manufacturing. We believe that this report will provide guidance to coatings and other specialty chemical firms, as well as firms making production equipment, and others planning to make investments of all kinds in smart materials.

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Worldwide Smart Coatings Markets: 2013-2020 Slides

  1. 1. Opportunities for Smart Coatings NanoMarkets, LC December 2013 © 2013 NanoMarkets, LC
  2. 2. 2 ABOUT NANOMARKETS • NanoMarkets provides industry analysis of advanced materials markets in the energy and electronics sectors. We have been covering these activities for a decade • Our work includes market, company and technology analysis, market forecasting and due diligence. NanoMarkets provides forecasts of all major thin-film, organic and printed electronics markets, conductive and advanced coatings • Offerings include reports, custom consulting, seminars/webinars and in-house training. NanoMarkets is based in U.S., with extensive contacts all over the world © 2013 NanoMarkets, LC
  3. 3. 2 ABOUT THE REPORT Smart coatings are coatings with unique chemical, physical, mechanical, or electrical properties that respond to external stimuli, such as light, electric current, and pressure. The application of the smart coating defines the choice of the coating material and its inherent characteristics. NanoMarkets believes that the smart coatings industry will have a larger mass appeal when these materials become more affordable and product functionality improves. The key growth drivers for the global smart coatings industry include: •Low overall cost of ownership in price-sensitive markets and •Novel functionality in price-insensitive applications In addition to finding application in the construction, automotive, energy, consumer electronic goods, and textile segments, smart coatings also have significant opportunities in military and medical applications. These two segments are not price-sensitive and are likely to support research activities in the smart coatings space. © 2013 NanoMarkets, LC
  4. 4. 2 RELATED REPORTS Smart Windows Materials Markets: 2014-2021 Smart Coatings and Photovoltaics 2012 © 2013 NanoMarkets, LC
  5. 5. OPPORTUNITIES: BUILDING MATERIALS AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY • Rising energy prices, the major demand driver for self-dimming window coatings used in buildings. • Reviving construction industry, likely to boost demand for self-dimming window coatings. • Demand for electro-chromic coatings likely to dominate over thermo-chromic type • Advancements in self-dimming window coating technologies to bring prices down and increase the consumer base. • Self-healing coatings for concrete and hydrophobic coatings that are capable of sealing the cracks will drive growth of self-healing coatings in construction in medium to long run. • Coatings with corrosion protection properties and self-healing coatings with multiple functionality, likely to further expand their applications in construction segment. © 2013 NanoMarkets, LC
  6. 6. OPPORTUNITIES: ENERGY GENERATION • Good electrical conductivity, chemical resistance, high transparency, and enhanced antireflectivity makes smart coatings suitable for this segment. • They offer wear resistance, thermal insulation and electrical insulation in extreme environment without losing their original magnetic, electronic and dimensional properties. • Photovoltaic and Wind energy applications, to drive demand in renewable segment. • Antimicrobial, self-cleaning and self-healing properties make them suitable for Wind energy and PV applications (particularly in those used in dust-prone regions). • Self-assembling coatings ready for the next generation oil and gas pipelines that are expected to operate at high temperature and harsh environment. •Other applications:- Research is under process in order to design coatings suitable for fuel cells and oil-slick removal applications. © 2013 NanoMarkets, LC
  7. 7. OPPORTUNITIES: AUTOMOTIVE AND MARINE • Smart coatings find their way here as they offer benefits such as:- improved assets life, limited corrosion damage, and reduced maintenance. • In transportation, they find applications in all verticals:- land vehicles, aircrafts, trains, and marine vessels . • Corrosion sensing coatings, to find application in military vehicles, marine vessels and aircrafts. • Self-cleaning and self-dimming coatings along with self-healing coatings likely to drive demand. •Material firms likely to play key role through mass production facilities for such smart coatings © 2013 NanoMarkets, LC
  8. 8. OPPORTUNITIES: AUTOMOTIVE AND MARINE • Prevent stress corrosion cracking in aircraft. • Increases safety of marine vessels • To address growing concern over biofouling Corrosion Sensing Coatings Airline Industry • To address corrosion of parts and disintegration of protective paints • Sensor with fluorescent coatings prevent MIC Marine Industry Self-dimming & Self-healing • copper-free, biodegradable antifouling coatings • Self dimming and self-cleaning coatings already in use. • Self-healing likely to gain importance © 2013 NanoMarkets, LC
  9. 9. OPPORTUNITIES: AUTOMOTIVE AND MARINE Smart optical coatings:Used in mirror and aircraft sensors and effects the way light is reflected and transmitted Color-shifting coatings:Changes color with viewing angle and used in private jets, cars, bikes, boats and helmets Nanoceramic coatings with self-repairing properties:Scratching and marring of paint surfaces Smart coatings with embedded sensors for tires:Signals driver when tires begin to lose traction Coatings:That improves the effectiveness of braking and suspension systems Smart lubricant coatings:Enhance the performance and effectiveness of automobile oils
  10. 10. OPPORTUNITIES: MEDICAL 1 2 • Silver and copperbased antimicrobial biocoatings under development • Self-assembling coatings likely to find application in medical devices, implants and biosensors • Hydrophobic and hydrophilic mixed with pure gold, to be used in drugs delivery Other potential areas • Parylene-based coating solution in use to prevent HAIs • This segment likely to drive growth for smart coatings in long run In drug delivery systems Antimicrobial coatings • Variety of antimicrobial coatings available today 3 • Applicability in increasing the effectiveness and accuracy of diagnostic devices • Medical uniforms:- to provide protection against harmful microorganism and electromagnetic radiations © 2013 NanoMarkets, LC
  11. 11. OPPORTUNITIES: ELECTRONIC AND DISPLAYS • Demand for innovative solutions for protecting technologically advanced, expensive devices likely to come. • Sprayable waterborne solutions and polyurethane self-assembling coatings have significant potential to gain market share in this segment • These smart coatings likely to provide superior protection to modern-day touch screen devices. • Touch screen devices:- point-of-sale devices, automated teller machines (ATMs), selfservice kiosks, and interactive point-of-purchase devices, as well as smartphones, tablets, and other portable electronic devices. © 2013 NanoMarkets, LC
  12. 12. OPPORTUNITIES: ELECTRONIC AND DISPLAYS • Titanium dioxide coating likely to be used for protecting glass surfaces of smart phones • Silver -based antimicrobial coatings also got good potential • Need for smart coatings to prevent overloading of touchbased sensors • Fingerprint technology based smart coatings to provide additional protection • Electro active smart films likely to improve the consumer experience with tactile sensations 3 Other potential areas • Prevents build up of dirt and microbes, and formation of smudges, on touch screen 2 Pressure-sensitive coatings Touchscreen device market 1 • Multifunctional touch screen coatings for durability, scratch resistance and extended life • Still much scope of improvement , if this segment is considered © 2013 NanoMarkets, LC
  13. 13. OPPORTUNITIES: TEXTILES •Opportunities in shape memory polyurethane (SMPUs) and intelligent textiles •Environmentally responsive textiles will represent the largest growth area for smart coating manufacturers •Self-cleaning coating solutions for carpets and fabrics will experience strong demand in the medium term •Titanium dioxide (TiO2)-coated fabrics will also gain market share •Fire-retardant coatings in fire-sensitive industrial applications © 2013 NanoMarkets, LC
  14. 14. OPPORTUNITIES IN MILITARY  Corrosion-prevention coatings will generate the maximum revenue for smart coating manufacturers in the military sector in the coming years.  Biosensing and antimicrobial coatings for military uniforms: Offers real-time remote monitoring and provide antimicrobial protection  Potential of copper-free naval anti-fouling coatings: Smart coatings for naval anti-fouling applications will experience significant demand growth in the coming years.  New research projects • • Smart coating with a self-signaling feature Nanosensors in vehicle paints intended to offer self-healing capabilities © 2013 NanoMarkets, LC
  15. 15. FIRMS TO WATCH Firms Key products, focus areas and developments 3M (US) • • A wide portfolio of automobile window tinting and scratch-resistant coating solutions Self-dimming automobile coating solutions from 3M will experience a strong adoption rate Dow Corning (US): Consumer electronics industry: transparent and durable thin film on the top of touchscreens AkzoNobel (Netherlands) Key products: • Airline industry: Magnesium-based corrosionprotection coating solution • Building and construction space: anti-corrosion coatings (International Paint) • Military: copper-free anti-fouling coatings • Eco-friendly and longer-lasting coatings • Automotive coating : Autoclear, a vehicle body topcoat with scratch-resistant and self-healing properties © 2013 NanoMarkets, LC
  16. 16. FIRMS TO WATCH Firms Key products, focus areas and developments Saint Gobain (France): Acquisition of Sage Electrochromics(US) in 2012: to expand the market for electrochromic windows Strong presence in the ceramic coating space PPG Industries (US): Key products: • Construction: Amerlock and SIGMA • Transportation: Electrochromic auto-dimmable windows to the aerospace industry in collaboration with Gentex • Energy: Coatings for wind turbine blades and tower surfaces. Selemex and AUE are established brands Axalta (Previously DuPont Performance Coatings)(US): Strength in corrosion-prevention coatings for use construction materials and industrial manufacturing assets DuPont (US): Established products : Teflon coatings thanks to complete chemical inertness, reliable dielectric stability, and a low coefficient of friction. Hempel (Denmark): Anti-fouling coating market: premium and cost-effective selfpolishing coatings with anti-fouling properties. Jotun (Norway): Wind energy industry: anti-corrosive coatings and topcoats Marine industry: anti-fouling coatings with self-polishing and anti-corrosion features on © 2013 NanoMarkets, LC
  17. 17. FIRMS TO WATCH Firms Key products, focus areas and developments Castolin Eutectic (Switzerland) Acquisition of Monitor Coatings: expand its market position in the industrial wear and corrosion protection segment Ultra-dense, high wear-resistant coatings: Strong growth potential Gentex (US): Market leader in the automotive and airline markets with its self-dimming coating solutions Collaborated with PPG industries (US) to expand the scope of its Alteos brand of electrochromic coatings Lubrizol (US): Permaxwater-based, breathable and MyFlamflame retardant coatings: Good opportunity in industrial applications CHT Group (Germany): Apyrolflame-retardant textile coatings: significant potential for growth in industrial applications Increasing product diversity: flame-retardant coatings market © 2013 NanoMarkets, LC
  18. 18. EMERGING PLAYERS Firms Key products, focus areas and developments Balcony Systems Solutions Ltd(UK): Self-cleaning hydrophobic coatings for automotive, building construction, and solar energy sectors Cost effective solutions NanoShell (UK) Hydrophobic self-cleaning coatings are ideal for application on glass substrates Wood-specific waterproof coatings CimaNanoTech (US): Santenanosilver thin-films: Can be adopted in multiple applications, including photovoltaics, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, flexible displays New Energy Technologies (NET) (US): SolarWindow coating solutions: environmentally friendly, hydrocarbon based coating materials and cost-effective wet chemistry process AnCatt Inc. (US): Polyaniline coating : Corrosion protection Strict environmental laws should increase demand products for its © 2013 NanoMarkets, LC
  19. 19. EMERGING PLAYERS Firms Key products, focus areas and developments Research Frontiers Inc. (US): Electrochromic window coatings to the automotive and airline industries New growth potential: Coating solutions to be applied on substrates other than glass, such as, polycarbonate and acrylicplastics Focus: medical applications Its ceramic nanocoating has the potential to become a successful product Debiotech SA (Switzerland): © 2013 NanoMarkets, LC
  20. 20. BARRIERS TO GROWTH IN THE SMART COATINGS MARKET  Some of the key areas of concern: • The premium pricing structure • Technological gaps • Unfavorable environmental regulations • Disinclination of end users towards particular products © 2013 NanoMarkets, LC
  21. 21. SUMMARY OF EIGHT-YEAR SMART COATINGS MARKET FORECASTS Smart Coatings Market 7,000 Likely to reach around $6 billion in 2020 from around $0.4 billion in 2013 The leading segment is likely to shift from the construction segment in 2013 to the energy generation segment in 2020 6,000 CAGR of 49.50% through the forecasting period $ Millions 5,000 4,000 3,000 2,000 The military segment will lead the global smart coatings market with a CAGR of 86.58% 1,000 0 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 © 2013 NanoMarkets, LC
  22. 22. 3 CONTACT US Address: NanoMarkets, LC PO Box 3840 Glen Allen, VA 23058 Telephone / Fax 804-270-1718 804-360-7259 Email / Web © 2013 NanoMarkets, LC