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Funding collaborative research_workshop_tech_congress_2013


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Workshop on Funding Collaborative Research during Indian Technology Congress - 2013. On July 24th and 25th, 2013 @ Nimhans Convention Centre, Bangalore, India.

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Funding collaborative research_workshop_tech_congress_2013

  1. 1. Workshop onCollaborative Research&Funding Opportunities201324th-25th July 2013 @ NIMHANS Convention Centre, BangaloreTowards making India a hub of Knowledge and Innovation
  2. 2. IntroductionCollaboration has been an integral part of all major researches for a longtime.Over the years the nature of collaboration has evolved from a narrow,intra departmental collaboration effort to a massive interdisciplinary multicontextual, inter organizational and even global collaborationSuch efforts have started yielding significant ground breaking results andhas helped cover complex, and convoluted areas20130.9% of GDP is spent towards R&D by GOI
  3. 3. Share of Total Global R&D SpendingRegion / Country 2011 2012 2013Americas (21) 34.8% 34.3% 33.8%U.S. 29.6% 29.0% 28.3%Asia (20) 34.9% 36.0% 37.1%Japan 11.2% 11.1% 10.8%China 12.7% 13.7% 14.7%India 2.8% 2.8% 3.0%Europe (34) 24.6% 24.0% 23.4%Rest of World (36) 5.7% 5.7% 5.7%Source: Battelle, R&D Magazine
  4. 4. Indias Industrial R&DCompany 2010 R&D mil. U.S. $ R&D, % RevenueTata Motors 397.8 1.50%Prithvi Information 246.3 60.50%Polaris Software 228.0 67.60%Bharat Heavy 176.3 2.50%Mahindra & Mahindra 157.2 2.50%Lupin 112.7 9.30%Infosys 112.0 1.90%Reliance Industries 110.0 0.20%Core Projects 96.2 53.40%Bharat Electronics 67.2 5.90%Source: Battelle/R&D Magazine, EU Industrial R&D Scoreboard
  5. 5. WorkshopThe Indian Technology Congress 2013 will provide a platform for Collaborative Researchand Funding Opportunities to garner funding for collaborative research initiatives.The participants will get an opportunity to learn about what motivates and directstechnology and innovative research into new business visions.•This would be possible by providing networking opportunities with appropriate stakeholders.By being an appropriate platform to help fund collaborative research the Congressaims to encourage dynamic and innovative approach to disseminate research findingsthat will have a major impact on the future technologies and thereby make India aHub of Knowledge and Innovation.GOI proposes to raise the spend on R&D to 2%ofGDP by 2017
  6. 6. Topics to be coveredAgency / Department specific Funded Research opportunitiesNetworking Researchers / Exploring potential partnerships (Government-institute-Industry-R&D Establishments)Setting up of Centres of Excellence in ResearchFaculty / Student / Research Scholars exchange programmesFunding for Work shop / Seminar /Symposium from India and AbroadCommercialization of Research ResultsNational and International Experience on Industry-Institute-Research CollaborationsInternational Experience on Institute-Industry-Collaborations201310 % - 15 % of funding on R&D is allocated to CollaborativeResearch projects on Public-Private model by GOI
  7. 7. Who should Attend?Benefits for the Participants:•Principals•Deans•Directors•Senior Professors•Heads of the Departments of Engineering Colleges.Who?•Participants will be acquainted with better Professional Governance andManagement of R&D Projects•Participants will get knowledge about sources from where the funding is availableand the formats to be used to apply for the funding•how to equip the Institution to have access to such Funding?•The workshop will also give insights to know how to collaborate with ResearchOrganisations / Industries to enhance the Institutional Competitiveness through R&DProjects.What?2013$ 40.3billion is the R&Dspend by Indiain 2012
  8. 8. Expert Speakers fromIndian Funding Agencies such as AICTE , AR&DB, DRDO, UGC, BRNS,CSIR, DBT , DIT , DST , ICMR, ISRO, MHRD, TIFAC - CORE, InternationalFunding Agencies, etc.Senior / experienced Principal Investigators handling ResearchProjects.Principal Investigators / Researchers from Centres of Excellence /National Labs.2013
  9. 9. Contact Usfor more details please visit us on www.techcngress.netConference SecretariatIndian Technology Congress – 2013#5, Sri Vinayaka Towers,7th Cross, KR Colony ,Domlur Layout, Bangalore – 560 071.• Ph. 080 - 6559 2501TeleFax : 080 - 41 15 2496participate@techcongress.net2013