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300 Poster Analysis


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300 Poster Analysis

  1. 1. Poster analyzed: 300 1. What is the title of the film? What can you say about the way in which the title graphics have been written? The title of the film is '300'. It has been written as though in smeared blood across the right hand middle of the page to clearly indicate the gory nature of the film. 2. Describe the key images on your poster. Why have they been chosen? What other pictures can you see? The image on the poster is of a well trained group of strong looking soldiers forcing and pushing people (enemies) off a cliff. The image seems to have been chose for its ability to both excite and arouse curiosity and to put across the clear gory and merciless nature of the film 3. What do you think the film will be about? What type or genre of film will it be? What makes you say this? The poster makes me think that the film takes place in and is about a war. The title of '300' also makes me think that the number is significant to the film somehow but won't be revealed as how until watched. 4. Who is starring in the film? Where are the stars’ names placed on the poster? Why? The people starring in the film are not shown on the poster. 5. What are the most important colours on your poster? Why do you think these were chosen? The most important colours on the poster are that of the sepia type background which makes the whole poster darker and therefore more ominous and threatening whilst red is also very important because it signifies blood which ties in with the genre of film and a big part of the film. 6. What is the tagline? The tagline is 'Prepare for Glory' which insinuates that the film is about pride and attaining glory and glory being the most important thing. 7. Who do you think is the target audience for the film? How has the poster been made attractive to these people? The target audience for the film is definitely for older people, 15+ and those that like war and action films, also gory films. It has been made attractive by the clear sign that two sides are at war and fighting and the constant use of the colour blood red and how there are splashes of 'blood' all over the poster would appeal to the gory liking types. 8. What do you think is the Unique Selling Point (USP) of this film? (What makes it different from other films like it?) What makes it different from most other films is that it was directed by someone who made a fantastic well-known, well-liked film and that it was originally a graphic novel. 9. What information can you find in the credit block? Mostly the producers, director, people who contributed to the music side of things. 10. Who are the companies involved in the distribution and promotion of this film? Warner brothers, Legendary pictures and Virtual studios.