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Saksham brochure revisited (2)


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For those who are interested in availing of our services please contact us on the given numbers

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Saksham brochure revisited (2)

  1. 1. Saksham Universal Project outsourcing HRAudit Training and Coaching Leadership Development Program Recruitments Psychometric testing/ Career analysis tools 2004, Springhill, Hiranandani Estate, Ghodbunder Road, Thane West, India; T: (91-22) 9967647528; Email:;
  2. 2. Welcome to Saksham Consulting Management and HRConsulting Services People are the real assets and the lifeline of the Organisation. People function therefore plays a very crucial yet silent role in shaping the future of the Organisation. Findings suggest that all over the globe that the real driver to achieve business growth is through empowering people function in the Organisation. At Saksham Consulting, we choose the right interventions for the people function such that the people, process and culture integrate for the real transformation required for the business purpose.
  3. 3. Project Outsourcing Service Projects of strategic nature as well as grounded in-depth execution is provided on a long term sustainable basis in domains such as people productivity, employee engagement, performance management, change management and other human resource domains aiming towards organizational excellence for the clients. We co-create the HRpractices aligned to the present demands and redefine or modify the ongoing processes for organizations at different stages; thereby leading to increase in the productivity levels and capability within the client organization. Our expert team works closely with your Organization and provides facts based HRsolutions to you in the following Areas: - Organization Structure and Job Description Recruitment and Selection Management - Performance Management System - HRIS - Assessment Centers - Compensation and Grading Structure - Change Management ; Vision and Values Alignment - Employee Engagement Survey and Follow up Plan
  4. 4. HRAudit The HRAudit is carried out with an objective to evaluate the effectiveness of prevailing policies and processes and to check the internal process compliance. On completion of the HRAudit; with a clear understanding of the client?s business needs, a priority chart is presented to the client?s management team so as to ensure the priorities and expectations are aligned. Further an annual calendar is documented that details a list of deliverables and time frame to achieve it. On having performed a detailed study with atmost precision, we meticulously prepare a project plan to help the internal HRteam to develop and manage all the HRfunctions. Coaching/ Counseling and Training Services Individual or Group Coaching/ Counseling are provided based on the requirements. Coaching in the areas: - Goal setting - Building Assertiveness - Career planning - Spiritual Workshops - Managing relations - Personal productivity - Conflict resolution - Communicating, influencing and negotiating - Leadership Coaching
  5. 5. Training services are provided to enhance productivity and capability and intends to enhance the synergy in the office. The training needs analysis is conducted if required, training modules are customized as per the client requirement ?methodology including interactive sessions, role plays, case studies and management games relevant to the work environment The Behavioral skill training areas ? - Communication skills ? Oral or written - People Management skills - Conflict management and negotiation skills - Email Etiquette - Team Building skills - Business Etiquette - Presentation skills - Creative problem solving - Personal Productivity - Assertiveness - Finance related Training - Sales Training
  6. 6. Leadership Development Role wise skill Development Program ? Customized Design Program Training on Leadership Traits: What are the different characteristics of a Leader, What are new traits you need to learn or inherit, understand the basic difference between a leader and a Manager, where you stand & how can u convert yourself from a manager to a Leader. To understand the different Leadership Styles and use of right leadership style as per the situation. To learn the various skill for communicating different types of employees and as per the situation. How to motivate your team as a leader and enhance the productivity of your team. Assessment Centers
  7. 7. Recruitment/ Hiring Provide hiring solutions for mid and senior level positions as per the standard agreed terms.
  8. 8. Recruitment Process It covers the Pre Selection Process and Pre Joining Formalities required for in-house recruitment including Selection Criteria for the position, Job Description, Interviews, Summary Report, and Offer Process till joining. We work closely with our clients to understand their short term and long term goals, list of accomplishments to be made in the next one year and help them define success for their HR department. The services and solutions are framed out in collaboration with our clients to make a proposal that accommodates their needs within the budgets. Psychometric Testing and Career Analysis Tool
  9. 9. Anu Singh Co-Founder and Director CCA Certified Coach (Symbiosis, USA) MBA, BA Hons. Psychology Col. NKSWarrier (Retd) Principal Consultant, Trainer and Certified Coach 34 yrs of rich experience in the industry Saksham Universal 2004, Springhill, Hiranandani Estate, Ghodbunder Road, Thane West, India; T: (91-22) 9967647528; Email:;