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HR Titbits 6


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HR Titbits 6

  1. 1. March 2014
  2. 2.  During any coaching conversation the onus of keeping a calm mind and countenance rests on the coach, even if faced with hostility from the coachee.”Flipping his lid” is not an option for the coach.  By Nandu Warrier 
  3. 3.  The outcome of any conversation depends directly on your ability to match the conversation style of the opposite number  Nandu Warrier 
  4. 4. A professional interaction with a client will be more effective if there is clarity of distance, clarity of thought, clarity of agenda and careful preparation.  By Nandu Warrier 
  5. 5.  The success of any crucial conversation will depend on the protagonists to be solution focused, not problem focused.  By Nandu Warrier 
  6. 6.  Professional courtesy has a direct bearing on the outcome and consequently the productivity of any verbal/written/telephonic interaction  By Nandu Warrier 