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Hr Titbits 5


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Hr Titbits 5

  1. 1. 13 Feb 2014
  2. 2.  In today’s era there is no distinction between personal and professional like- each are entwined with the other. Work life balance therefore involves exploiting “ windows” of quality time with family and relaxation. These windows will not come on a daily basis and have to be seized as a conscious effort. by Nandu Warrier
  3. 3. A coach should never get emotionally involved with the coachee. That is the surest way to put paid to the entire coaching engagement. A professional distance must be maintained at all times and at any cost, for the desired results to emerge. By Nandu Warrier
  4. 4.  It is a fashion to carry high tech personal productivity tools around with the emphasis more on a style statement than utility. At the end of the day use the tool you are most comfortable with, even if it is as mundane as a pocket diary or a white board- use something that actually works for you  By Nandu Warrier 
  5. 5.  Before a coachee embarks on his journey towards self- fulfilment, he should first know why he is doing so in the first place. The “why “ gives him the sense of purpose from where vision, goals and subsequently action plans emanate.  By Nandu Warrier 
  6. 6.  In an era where there is very little distinction between professional and personal life, achieving work life balance is indeed a tall order. Achieving WLB will depend upon one’s ability to exploit windows of opportunity to make casual interactions productive,to spend quality time with the family,to take out time to be physically and emotionally fit and to develop the ability to mould one’s self as per the diktats of the situation By Nandu Warrier  