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HR Titbits- 2


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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HR Titbits- 2

  1. 1. Discussing differences openly  Transformation in behaviour  Forging a new identity  Building relationships through mutual gain  by Nandu Warrier
  2. 2. An effective coaching intervention is directly dependent on the coachee’s readiness to be coached and his ability to build the required attitudes to succeed in his chosen mission By Nandu Warrier 
  3. 3. Focus on outcomes not time spent on an activity  Focus on what you can achieve and intend to achieve on a given day.  Do not get stressed about issues you cannot control  Develop iron self- discipline  By Nandu Warrier  
  4. 4. Inevitable  Constructive if managed  Destructive if not managed  Resolved by focusing on the issue , not the person  By Nandu Warrier
  5. 5. A clear statement of intent  An expression of quiet confidence in one’s abilities  An awareness of one’s self  An appropriate display of emotion as required  By Nandu Warrier  